Mays Landing Golf Course Owner Offers Warning to Brigantine Taxpayers

Letter to the Editor from Jim Fraser; Owner of Mays Landing Country Club >>> Brigantine Republicans turning Brigantine Golf Links into non-profit corporation? At a recent Brigantine Council meeting, the word "transparency" kept coming up as a benefit of going the non-profit route. If the letter and spirit of the law were followed by the governing body in … [Read more...]

Will Brigantine OK Golf Course to Outsource Profitable Food & Beverage to Avoid Bidding Process?

The new Meadowbrook deal could be used to gain control of the profitable Food & Beverage concession inside The Links at Brigantine Golf course. Meadowbrook, the company that manages the course, will drop their fee from $7,500 to $6,000 per month and, according to a statement made at the recent council meeting, may be OK'ed to 'sub-contract' out the food & beverage … [Read more...]

Brigantine Still Fumbling Simple Accounting of Tax Dollars

The City of Brigantine must have called out sick when simple accounting principles were being taught. At the recent council meeting, Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson were questioned on some very basic, financial best practices. Post by Brigantine Now. GAAP, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, seem to be difficult for Brigantine to comply … [Read more...]

Brigantine’s Fuller named in “Top 40 Under 40” Business People by Greater Atlantic City Jaycees.

Greg Fuller, 33, of Brigantine was recently named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” business people by the Greater Atlantic City Jaycees. The award annually recognizes 40 individuals under the age of 40 who are among southern New Jersey’s most accomplished young business men and women who have been making headlines in their field and who share a commitment to business … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback: Brigantine’s Mayor and Councilman Simpson Willing to Use Questionable Methods to Exploit Golf Course

Letter to the Editor, From Anne H Philips. >>> Who pays? Regarding the City-owned golf course, the Republicans, the majority party on City council, say their primary concern is to “put taxpayers first by rejecting the Ron Jaworski Golf proposal”. I don’t believe that’s true. Keeping local control over the course is their primary motive, outweighing all other … [Read more...]

LISTEN >> Jaworski Responds to Brigantine Golf Links Debacle. WOND RADIO.

Just over the bridge from Brigantine, Ron Jaworski was in Atlantic City this weekend for the popular Maxwell awards ceremony taking place at the Tropicana Casino Hotel. Chuck Betson from WOND 1400 am Radio spent a few minutes with JAWS talking AC, the Philadelphia Soul, online sports betting, and of course…..the embarrassing Brigantine Golf Links debacle. Listen to … [Read more...]

Brigantine is Talking LINKS Golf Course & Irrigation Irritation.

Letter to the Editor, from Gary Shea >> I don't see how anyone who either attended or watched the recent Brigantine City Council meeting could feel good about the future of the Brigantine Golf course despite the best efforts of the people that run the everyday operations. It was not so much the result of the vote, as that was expected. One of the truths of the … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback: Guenther, Simpson & Cordasco Smear Jaworski Over Golf Links.

Letter to the Editor from Stanley H., summer renter in Brigantine>> Been vacationing on this beautiful island for over 20 years now. My wife and I really love Brigantine, and we are thinking about taking the plunge and buying a vacation home here in Brigantine. But what we witnessed on Wed night was the last straw. We have decided to look … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback on Golf Course. Simpson Does Not Understand RFP Process

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I'm a former resident of Brigantine, yet much of my family still live on the island year round. I love Brigantine. I had to comment though on the “Simpson Called Out” video you posted. I've been in government contracts for almost 10 years and the RFP process is STANDARD. It's unbelievable that Councilman Simpson, with … [Read more...]

Former Brigantine Developer Cocco Files New Links Golf Course Complaint Against City

The Brigantine Links Golf Course was never to cost the taxpayers a dime. Today, it's a money pit being readied for non-profit status featuring a board of directors hand picked by Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson and the majority council members. The Links at Brigantine Golf was also supposed to live up to certain zoning restrictions... in perpetuity. Today, builders … [Read more...]

Councilman Simpson’s Non-Profit Non-sense for Brigantine Golf Course

Brigantine Beach, where reality and logic are on a perpetual vacation, especially when 70% of the taxpayers are not around and the Links at Brigantine Golf is being discussed. On Wednesday night, March 4, after Simpson and company took a few cheap shots at Ron Jaworski’s character, the Brigantine councilman presented his ‘Jaworski Alternative’; a confusing and … [Read more...]

Video>> Brigantine Council Majority Votes NO on Jaworski Golf Deal, Starts Un-popular Non-Profit Talk

On Wednesday night, March 4, Brigantine council majority SAID NO to the Jaworski Golf proposal. Voted it down... along party lines. Councilman Simpson pushed benefits of taking Links at Brigantine Golf course NON-PROFIT. Simpson agrees with the sentiment: non-profits are strictly managed and are always transparent & audited. Break the rules...go to jail. Look for … [Read more...]