Local Business Competes Against City of Brigantine?

Is Brigantine 'business friendly? With over 40 empty storefronts and a brutal business approval process, many have asked that very simple question. Some claim that Brigantine City Government has a negative influence on local commerce. Whatever the case, most agree that government in general, and Brigantine specifically, should rarely be running or subsidizing a business, … [Read more...]

Brigantine Candidate Forum OCT 25, 2014 >> Listen to Audio

Listen to audio clips from the Brigantine Candidates Forum, Oct 25, 2014. Sponsored by the Brigantine Taxpayers Association and moderated by the League of Women Voters. Standing room only event held at the Brigantine Community Center. For Mayor: Guenther and McClay. For At-Large seats: Kern, Simpson, Sera, Polillo. How will you control … [Read more...]

Brigantine Police Officer Injured in Traffic Accident

According to Brigantine Police, Officer Richard DeLeon was injured in an on-duty motor vehicle accident on October 25. Officer DeLeon was stopped for pedestrians crossing Brigantine Avenue when he was struck from behind by a pickup truck. The police Tahoe truck and the other vehicle sustained heavy damage and were towed from the scene. Officer DeLeon sustained … [Read more...]

Macedonian Grill, Brigantine Bridge and Police Department Target of Threats

According to Brigantine Police, a Galloway Township man was arrested on Friday, Oct 24th after a three month investigation into threats being made to the Macedonian Grill, a local Brigantine restaurant. Samuel Fairweather, 29, was charged with two counts of terroristic threats as well as one count each of creating a false public alarm, stalking, and harassment. Lt. Jim … [Read more...]

Doran Engineering Invoices Show Non-Compliance with NJ Statutes

Download & view invoices from Doran Engineering. To the average Brigantine citizen, the discussion of no-bid contracts, insider deals and engineering invoices will make your eyes glaze over. But take a good look at these invoices right after your Brigantine taxes jump by 25-50%, your interest is piqued by this pillage of taxpayer dollars and non-compliance of New … [Read more...]

Brigantine ‘Glitch Gate’ Explained. Waterfront Project of Councilman Under Scrutiny

According to a recent Brigantine Beachcomber Advertisement paid for by 'Taxpayers First', a series of glitches kept occurring at City Hall in regard to Councilman Andy Simpson and his 3 Sunset Court construction project. City Manager/Public Safety Director; Jim Barber, referred to these errors as 'glitches' at a City Council meeting. For those with a preference for … [Read more...]

Bite On. Brigantine Striper Fishing Heating Up.

Striper fishing in Brigantine looks like it's finally heating up. Captain John Wilkinson from Brigantine's Babu Fishing Charters says:  The Davis group fished hard for 4 hours yesterday (Oct 25) drifting eels, and casting artificials to the sod banks behind Brigantine in the evening, and again early this morning with no luck. I then decided to run into the ocean until I … [Read more...]

Former Brigantine Developer Cocco Files New Complaint Against City

Former Real Estate Developer; Tom Cocco has resurrected, refreshed and re-filed his 1990 complaint against The City of Brigantine for a laundry list of items featuring The Links at Brigantine Golf Course, Real Estate covenants, zoning restrictions in perpetuity, public housing, sub-division issues, and threats of non-stop litigation. See below: portions of the complaint … [Read more...]

Brigantine City Hall Glitch Benefits Simpson Tax Liability?

The Brigantine City Hall glitch pertaining to a waterfront home that former City Manager / Public Safety Director Jim Barber discovered a few years back finally has some clarity. Complaints of fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation were leveled at the (future) Councilman Andy Simpson in March 2011 over a home construction project … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback. Change is Hard, But Needed.

As a human condition, change is one of the most difficult things that we face. Reader feedback from Phil Dwyer >> When I moved to Brigantine it seemed that a change from the “business as usual” Republican city government was virtually impossible. The majority of residents were seemingly content with a bloated city payroll, with zero contribution benefit … [Read more...]

Topics & Questions. Brigantine Candidates Forum: OCT 25

Some tough but fair questions that our Brigantine political candidates may have faced? A list of topics on the mind of taxpayers, voters, business operators and others with a vested interest in this island sandbar we call Brigantine Beach. Have a question or topic that you want added to this list? Post it below. Questions & Topics for Brigantine … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Rescue & Brigantine Beach Recovery of Vessel. SEE PICS >>

The Coast Guard helped two boaters trying to tow a sail boat into Absecon Inlet, between Brigantine & AC. Coast Guard Station Atlantic City responded and saw a man aboard the 19-foot boat had been towing his sailboat. A large wave broke over the sailboat's stern. The two boaters were not injured. The vessel was plucked from the surf and hauled away. … [Read more...]