NJ Says Mad Dog Has Not Filed for Liquor Sales at Brigantine Links Golf. License at Risk?

BREAKING NEWS in PRESS OF AC > Our summary of the Press report: Morgan’s Pub and Grill operating at Brigantine Links golf course for nearly three weeks with no contract....and no liquor OK from NJ state? READ FULL STORY in Press of AC > At the recent council meeting, Rick Delucry asked for copy of draft agreement. City solicitor Fred Scerni has yet to provide … [Read more...]

Brigantine Taxpayers Association Asks Council: How Much Longer for New Union Contracts?

Brigantine City Council, how much longer must taxpayers wait? Expired government union contracts. By Anne Phillips, Brigantine Taxpayers Association. In the pamphlet on the 2015 municipal budget, the newly-appointed municipal auditor lists under “Items for Consideration – Contracts: Police expired 12/31/2012 and fire expired 12/31/13.  These two represent $8,470,000 in … [Read more...]

Portable Toilets and Adult Diapers at Cove Beach Debated at Brigantine City Council Meeting

An ordinance was introduced at Brigantine City Council to amend the beach ordinance dealing with the possession of, erecting or using any portable toilet on the beach; disposing of any waste or debris resulting from the use of a portable toilet on the beach. Brigantine Councilwoman Lisa McClay originally recommended a penalty to anyone found using a personal toilet. For … [Read more...]

Expensive and Expired. Brigantine Police and Fire Contracts.

Still no word on negotiations regarding long expired Brigantine public safety contracts. The firefighter contract expired DEC. 31, 2013. The police contract expired DEC. 31, 2012. The Democratic majority of the past 2 years, lead by Lisa McClay, was unable to put this one to bed...even though they had the power to. Mayor Guenther is still tight-lipped about … [Read more...]

Mad Dog Morgan Selling Booze at Brigantine Links Golf Course Without State ABC Paperwork?

Brigantine Solicitor; Fred Scerni, finally spilled the beans about the so-called, un-signed terms & conditions between Mad Dog Morgan & Meadowbrook Golf Management company (manages Brigantine LINKS). Could Mad Dog be selling booze without proper state filings? Could this all be happening without a signed contract between Meadowbrook & Mad Dog? Could the City of … [Read more...]

Brigantine Taxpayers Association Questions Public Safety Contracts and Sports League Financials.

  The Brigantine Taxpayers Association had their comments posted in the local papers this week. Here's a summary of comments to City Council at the Feb 04, 2015 meeting. Anne H. Phillips of the BTA: Several meetings ago, a representative of the True Spirit Coalition spoke to Council about the increasing need for the food baskets it distributes. At the time … [Read more...]

Brigantine Schools Release Salary Data for 2014

See 2014/15 Brigantine School District SALARY data here. Brigantine Taxpayers Association (BTA) received this information on Nov 12, 2014, in cooperation with Brigantine City Hall, Superintendent Brian Pruitt and Mayor Guenther. This public service helps local taxpayers evaluate our public school system. The Brigantine Taxpayers Association continues to advocate for … [Read more...]

Brigantine Teacher Salaries Among Highest in State

Teacher salaries in the Brigantine were among the highest in NJ for 2013-14 school year. (NJ Department of Education). Brigantine ranked 13th overall with a median salary of $83,687. This compares to the median teacher salary of $64,000 across the state. On average Ocean City teachers made $86,772, Hamilton Township teachers made $48,780. The Brigantine School … [Read more...]

WATCH VIDEO >> Back Door Golf Course Deal Goes to Brigantine Employee: Mad Dog Morgan

Shocker? Not really. Just business as usual in Brigantine. Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson do back-room Brigantine Golf Course deal. Food & Beverage concession w/ liquor license quietly awarded to Brigantine Public Works employee; Mad Dog Morgan. Speaking of liquor licenses.... Did our former ABC liaison (Police Chief Reed) overlook background check on process … [Read more...]

Brigantine Council & Chamber Cancel Easter Egg Hunt & 4×4 Parade on Beach

Back in 2010, a group of local businesses not happy with the local chamber of commerce, got together to do an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach. It was an immediate success. But today, after 5 awesome years.... this family friendly event... is no more. Why did City Council and the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce pull the plug? Nobody knows for sure. This event attracted over … [Read more...]

VIDEO >> Jaworski’s Boardwalk Bowl; Philadelphia Soul Football in AC

The inaugural DraftKings Boardwalk Bowl is expected to attract more than 10,000 fans to Boardwalk Hall on May 30 to watch the Philadelphia Soul battle the League’s newest franchise, the Las Vegas Outlaws. Millions more will see the contest live on CBS Sports Network’s 6 pm national telecast. “The game will be the centerpiece for a weekend of entertainment and … [Read more...]

Brigantine OTB Day-Tripper. Quick & Fun Trips Over The Bridge

Great for a quick road trip, or a full day of fun. Rain or shine.... there's always something to do on or near Brigantine Beach. Just minutes away from loads of family fun. Boardwalk Miniature Golf. In front of Boardwalk Hall. Ride the Ventnor & AC Boardwalk. Rentals at MargateBikeShop.com Half day fishing on THE KEEPER, Margate. Jet Ski Rentals. - … [Read more...]