Cellar 32 in Brigantine Reaching New Heights

From SCOTT CRONICK AT THE SHORE > One thing was abundantly clear about The Cellar 32 when it opened in 2010: It was a beautiful restaurant. Costing about $2 million, The Cellar 32’s first floor offers a cozy, warm feeling, 40-seat bar with granite top, flat-screen televisions and leather stools surrounded by a dining room that boasts mosaic tiles, copper … [Read more...]

Will Mayor Guenther Step Down Over ‘Disgraceful’ Brigantine Financial Audit? Will NJ Investigate?

Brigantine bank accounts not reconciled, purchase orders in duplicate, asset ledger not maintained in 2014, and checks for 6 grand sent monthly to a Florida LLC that used to manage golf courses. Just another day inside Mayor Guenther's City Hall. Make sure you thank Mike Feely; reporter for the Brigantine Beachcomber, the next time you see him. Feely provided residents … [Read more...]

Brigantine City Council Notes & Video. July 18, 2015

An open container/ trash hauling contract was voted on. Delucry was not happy with how it was awarded.  Lot's of pricing & estimate confusion. DeLucry questioned City Manager Stinson's rationale for awarded bid for trash removal. Stinson: “it went past John & I’ (Doring & Stinson) What was expectation for price? 'There was paperwork out of place' stated … [Read more...]

Amateur Sand Castle Building Contest > AUG 8

Amateur Sand Castle Building Contest The sixth Annual Brigantine Beach Sand Castle Contest will take place Saturday, Aug. 8 in front of the Laguna Restaurant at 14th street. Registration will be 10-11 a.m. Judging starts at 3 p.m. Winners to be announced at 4 p.m. This is a free event open to all ages. Trophies, prizes and ribbons will be awarded to first, second and … [Read more...]

Listing Your Brigantine Vacation Rental? Follow These Steps.

The intersection of technology and vacation rentals creates opportunity for both traveler and homeowner. Many Brigantine homeowners are well aware of rental sites like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway. Sites like these make it easier for South Jersey homeowners to enter the vacation rental business. But listing your Brigantine home is only the first step. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Brigantine Mayor and Council Talk Cyber Bullies and Negative Press

Part Time Residents of Brigantine noted the amount of fighting between Mayor Guenther and City Council members as of late. Some made their feelings known at the special Saturday morning meeting on JULY 18. The Mayor of 26+ years, who also controls the local school board, urged residents to avoid the Internet and certain social media sites that were sharing 'disgusting' … [Read more...]

Part Time Residents Consider Hiring Attorney

LETTER to THE EDITOR >> Part-time residents in particular have quietly wondered how to get proper representation at council meetings. The elected opposition lead by Lisa McClay has consistently proven ineffective to keep the 26+ year Mayor in check. The council minority just doesn’t have the teeth or motivation to keep appropriate pressure on Guenther, Simpson, Sera … [Read more...]

Brigantine Beach Patrol Wins Kuhn Races…Again.

A gnarly surf greeted lifeguard teams from Atlantic City, Lavallette, Longport, Margate and Ventnor Tuesday night as the Brigantine City Beach Patrol held its 51st annual Chief Bill Kuhn Lifeguard Invitational at the 15th Street Beach in front of beach patrol headquarters. The surf was a harbinger of a rough night for some of the teams and, in fact, caused more than one … [Read more...]

28th annual Brigantine Island Triathlon

The 28th annual Brigantine Island Triathlon - South Jersey’s oldest – will be held 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 1. Residents and visitors should expect traffic disruptions, according to triathlon committee members. The event will start at the 26th Street city dock and Bayshore Avenue, with swimmers in different sex and age groups swimming a quarter-mile course. After … [Read more...]

Dancing With Dolphins

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center, the only facility in the State of New Jersey dedicated to the rescue of sick and injured marine mammals and sea turtles, relies heavily on donations to be able to operate. In an effort to ensure their on-going mission and efforts, the organization is holding a benefit fundraiser, the fourth annual Dancing With Dolphins from 5-9 p.m. … [Read more...]

Family Behind L’aragosta Closes Amici in Ventnor

Miss the homemade Italian favorites of L'aragosta in Brigantine? While you can no longer find them at the shuttered lighthouse circle location, for a short time, you could drive 10 minutes south into Ventnor to find the Presta family hard at work at Amici. 6525 Ventnor Ave. But after a few weeks, AMICI has been shut down and closed. It was good while it lasted. Panini … [Read more...]

Brigantine City Manager & Public Safety Unions in Violation of NJ State Law?

Could Brigantine's City Manager & Public Safety union reps be in violation of New Jersey state law? It certainly seems that way. Some even suggest that Mayor Guenther and certain members of Brigantine City Council could also be held liable for allowing expired public safety contracts to extend indefinitely. To date, Brigantine City Manager; Ed Stinson's effort to … [Read more...]