Featured Post from Patrick Costello: Facebook Foul

Facebook Foul. By Patrick Costello, author of the Brigantine best seller; 'Greenhead Politics'. Brigantine Now strives to be a positive influence on the community, and in my work I am mindful not only to be as fair and unbiased as possible, but also to maintain that standard of positivity. A seriously community-minded website should address relevant issues and always … [Read more...]

Jaworski & Billy Casper. Links at Brigantine Golf Course Proposals

On Thursday, September 25, the City of Brigantine Beach received proposals from Billy Casper Golf, and Ron Jaworski. Both are interested in leasing, and running our 'links' style golf course. The golf course committee will review the proposals and present them to council shortly. If/when accepted and approved, the winning bidder would take over the course on JAN 1, … [Read more...]

Brigantine is Talking. City Employee Web Misdeeds >>

Written by Donna Piekarski >>> In response to a recent (Beachcomber) letter by Anne Marie Cooker, I think she may want to rethink who she is supporting in this election. In the letter she said, “I am appalled when I watch certain individuals, both city council members and members of the audience, speak to our mayor (and other council members) with such … [Read more...]

Brigantine is Talking. We Need More Tourism.

Brigantine is Talking....from Joe Tighue >>> I think we can all agree that brigantine needs more commercial tax rateables to take some of the burden of the backs of residential tax payers. we also need commercial attractions to increase tourism and provide potential customers for existing businesses. I have what might be considered a big idea and it may be … [Read more...]

Brigantine Jet Ski Beach Bash Cancelled at Last Minute?

A few years back, the 'Jet Ski Weekend' or 'Brigantine Beach Bash' was a great event. Showed real promise to turn into a yearly success for the island of Brigantine. But the last two years have been a bust. And the 2014 edition had even more controversy surrounding it. Was is properly filed as a non-profit event?  Did financial support vanish due to questionable activity? … [Read more...]

Brigantine Clerk Publishes AD to Suppress Voting Rights?

Is Brigantine trying to suppress legal voting rights? That’s what Brigantine homeowners asked after seeing a particular legal notice published this week by Brigantine City Clerk; Lynn Sweeney. (See Below) Still unknown: did Sweeney write and publish the restrictive & highly questionable voting rules on her own, or was she prompted to do so from someone else. Do … [Read more...]