Brigantine City Hall Glitch Benefits Simpson Tax Liability?

The Brigantine City Hall glitch pertaining to a waterfront home that former City Manager / Public Safety Director Jim Barber discovered a few years back finally has some clarity. Complaints of fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation were leveled at the (future) Councilman Andy Simpson in March 2011 over a home construction project … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback. Change is Hard, But Needed.

As a human condition, change is one of the most difficult things that we face. Reader feedback from Phil Dwyer >> When I moved to Brigantine it seemed that a change from the “business as usual” Republican city government was virtually impossible. The majority of residents were seemingly content with a bloated city payroll, with zero contribution benefit … [Read more...]

Topics & Questions. Brigantine Candidates Forum: SAT, OCT 25, Community Center 10am.

Some tough but fair questions that our Brigantine political candidates may face this Saturday at 10a? The team at BrigantineNOW has been compiling a list of topics on the mind of taxpayers, voters, business operators and others with a vested interest in this island sandbar we call Brigantine Beach. Have a question or topic that you want added to this list? Post it … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Rescue & Brigantine Beach Recovery of Vessel. SEE PICS >>

The Coast Guard helped two boaters trying to tow a sail boat into Absecon Inlet, between Brigantine & AC. Coast Guard Station Atlantic City responded and saw a man aboard the 19-foot boat had been towing his sailboat. A large wave broke over the sailboat's stern. The two boaters were not injured. The vessel was plucked from the surf and hauled away. … [Read more...]

Mayor Questioned by Taxpayers Association, Predicts Very Good YouTube Clip. WATCH VIDEO >>

In the prophetic words of Mayor Phil Guenther, the Brigantine City Council meeting of October 15, 2014 did contain what he predicted would be, “a very good YouTube clip.” Unfortunately, the portion of the meeting to which he was referring did not pertain to the over-inflated city payroll, the golf course or flood damage prevention. Instead, it showed a very revealing … [Read more...]


Finally. Brigantine will have a candidates forum moderated by an impartial 3rd party. On Saturday, October 25, from 10 til noon inside the Community Center, City Council candidates will take questions from concerned citizens, taxpayers and local business owners. This 'not to be missed' event is sponsored by the Brigantine Taxpayers Association and will be moderated by the … [Read more...]