2012 Brigantine Candidate Debate

Brigantine City Council Debate 2012
Brigantine Debate

Wednesday night’s Brigantine City Council debate was unique and typical at the same time.

Why was it unique? Republican control of council is in question for the first time in 100 years.

This election could truly change the direction, culture and success of our island.

Why was it typical?  READ FULL STORY about Brigantine debate HERE

  • Controlled by partisan Chamber of Commerce
  • ‘Sponsored by Brigantine Chamber’ sign on stage. (It should have been sponsored by non-partisan, League of Women Voters)
  • Event put on for the very small portion of local taxpayers, that could actually attend
  • Video recording for Internet viewing or TV, was turned down by the Chamber
  • Chamber ‘pre-vetted’ questions from audience. Very few admitted how bad this is for voters & taxpayers.
  • Imagine if non-resident taxpayers could see debate. Angry mobs wielding pitchforks & torches would parade down Brigantine Ave. 😉

Eight candidates are in the race, seven are new. Three Republican incumbents, Bob Solari, Steve Bonanni and Sam Storino decided not to seek re-election, presumably due to heavy negativity surrounding their recent track record with taxpayers.



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