The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Must Re-invent Itself.

Brigantine Chamber of Commerce
Brigantine Chamber

Brigantine Beach is a NJ seashore town in the middle of an ongoing transition and municipal overhaul. Real Estate, city operations, government and taxes are 4 areas changing at a fast clip.

But one critical component of our economy that’s been consistently overlooked and under-utilized is the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce. Click thru to take a look at a 2012 recap of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce.

The #1 job of a “Chamber of Commerce”… to promote commerce.

Brigantine is starting to get on the radar of more 2nd home buyers, Real Estate developers and families looking for a safe, clean and affordable place for Summer vacations. Does the Chamber have a plan for that opportunity? When it comes to promoting commerce and new business development, seems like no one is taking that bull by the horns.

Many items listed below are really nice things, no doubt. Some are quite valuable. Yet…many Chamber members wondered why more of the Chamber budget…. isn’t devoted to boosting the most critical part of our economy: Tourism & New Business Development.

Others mentioned the expenses… that had nothing to do with promoting commerce.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.


Submitted by Catherine Quinlan, Treasurer. Report of the Community Events and support that our Brigantine Chamber of Commerce has accomplished under the leadership of your officers:

  • Emmett Turner, President
  • Joseph “Moose” Musumeci
  • Catherine Quinlan, Treasurer

2012 Christmas Expenses

  • Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • Toys for 300 children $714.00
  • Food – cookies, hot chocolate, juice $325.00
  • Entertainment $150.00
  • Holiday home display awards $800.00
  • City Streets – Holiday lights and banners $2,146.00

Polar Bear Plunge

  • Advertisement $150.00
  • Trolley for spectators $695.00

2012 Community Support and Events

  • Casino Night benefiting scholarship fund $3,000.00
  • Easter Egg Hunt on beach (500 children) $650.00
  • Canvas “Green” bags $1,270.00
  • City Wide Block Party
  • Band $200.00
  • Ads and support $750.00
  • Special Event Disney Show $1,100.00
  • Radio Announcements $650.00
  • Central Business Sand Painting Contest $150.00
  • 300 Information Brochures $540.00
  • True Spirit Coalition (4 times a year) $900.00
  • Memorial Day – Veterans Day wreaths $280.00
  • Welcome gifts to new businesses $210.00
  • Donations to Fire and Police Departments $150.00
  • Memorials (deceased) $80.00
  • Website $240.00

Insurance $1,115.00

Chamber Information Books Delivery (from Directory profits)

  • AC Expressway, Cape May Ferry, Parkway $1,766.00
  • 4 wards by Girl Scouts and youth groups $1,700.00

Residents reported they did not receive a “Directory” in 2012 because there were no white pages. They did not want a book of “advertisements.” The Chamber will print the Brigantine Directory with white pages in 2013. Additionally, all Chamber advertisements in the Brigantine Times were printed with “no charge” compliments of President Emmett Turner. (value estimated at $3,500.00) There were normal expenses – paper, envelopes, postage, tickets etc.

Balance of General Account December 31, 2012 $2,654.65

Although I will not be your Treasurer in 2013, I urge you to support the selection of your Nominating Committee. They have a proven record. I will be involved actively in the Brigantine Charities Commission and Brigantine City Events Committee.

Yours Truly,

Catherine Quinlan
Brigantine Chamber Member 30 years

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4 thoughts on “The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Must Re-invent Itself.”

  1. Brigantine Business Owners

    Feel free to let the Chamber know how you feel about their work:

    2013 OFFICERS

    Emmett Turner, President
    Brigantine Times 609-266-2486

    Joseph “Moose” Musumeci, Vice President
    Atlantic Coast Realty 609-266-7676

    Betty Diaz, Treasurer
    EZ Diaz Does It Home Maintanance/Repair & Painting 609-226-3254

    Michele Mauro, Secretary
    The Fence Doctor 609-204-5472


    Michael Brennan
    Prudential Fox & Roach/Homewatch Services Plus 609-264-5319

    Matt Cusamano
    Cusamano Builders 609-266-9493

    Gregg Knight
    The Fence Doctor 609-266-0166

    Jack & Rose Kelly
    Atlantic Coast Moving & Storage 609-484-1101 or 800-582-7075

    Michael Lange
    Lange Appraisal 609-839-2339

    Celeste Pascarella
    JCP Home Remodeling Center 609-377-4179

    Rick Pennestri
    Keates Plum Funeral Home 609-266-3481

    PJ Popolillo
    PJ Popolillo Home Maintanance & Repair 609-839-5659

    Ken Schaffer
    WIBG Radio 609-266-3600

  2. Please know that I absolutely LOVE Btine but wonder about the energy the city is putting into bringing in and maintaining the good business opportunities here.
    I understand that sustaining a business in a resort community has its challenges and maybe the Chamber could benchmark against communities that have been successful at sustainability.

    The Chamber could use some new energy from the likes of Dennis Allen at Ashore Realty and
    “Captain Andy” of Rip Tide Bait and Tackle.
    They’re already doing great work on Social Media.

    I have been concerned on the loss of Reynolds, Steak 38, the Rod & Reel, and the overall haphazard look (and actual location) of the “business district.
    Is it near the Acme?
    Is it near the Bike Rental Place?
    And I have to question the description of the Smile Factory as being “state of the art”.

    Whatever you do, please get rid of the “greenhead” distinction.
    It’s not helping!
    Btine is NOT the only shore town with them.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share.
    Good luck!

  3. My family and I are former Ocean City summer residents and now summer residents for the past 2 years in Brigantine. I realize Brigantine is a Beach Town as opposed to OC Resort Town, however, appearance is still important. The City “dump” and surrounding area is extremely unsightly. 38th Street has a lot of traffic, and there are ways to shield that area……fencing, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

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