2013 Brigantine Baseball Parade

My son had a hard time standing still in the outfield
My son. Hard time standing still in outfield.

Saturday, April 13th marked the start of the baseball season here in Brigantine.

The day began with a fantastic parade that started at the firehouse and worked it’s way down Brigantine Ave. to the ball field.

The kids were all psyched and stuck with their teams as they marched. There was a great ceremony on the field, then a few games were held that day.

Ahhh baseball season… what a great feeling!

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4 thoughts on “2013 Brigantine Baseball Parade”

  1. When in April 2014 will the parade be occurring ? We’ve got over two dozen seniors, 60+ , playing on the Brigantine Senior team with four other local Senior teams in our league. As we are all in our second childhood, maybe we should join the kids in the parade too.

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