2013 Brigantine Fishing Outlook

BrigantineSome of the best surf fishing is found in Brigantine. It’s one of our top tourism assets. Striped bass, blues, drum are just a few of the reasons why anglers travel far and wide to visit our shores. The 2013 Brigantine Striper Tournament is going on now til May 25.

Why is Brigantine GREAT for fishing? According to Captain Andy from Riptide Bait & Tackle,  the surf at Brigantine holds more sandbars and this creates more troughs. Baitfish like those areas, and that’s a tasty meal to many fish.

Spring and fall are great times to surf-fish in Brigantine. Stripers are a main target, with clams being a favorite bait. Drum, 20- to 65-pounders are a common in the spring. Drum are caught by accident, usually while fishing for stripers.

Bluefishing is fun in Brigantine. Blues will hit on all types of bait….lures, metal jigs and natural baits like oily bunker or mackerel. Other fish that can be caught in Brigantine include fluke, kingfish and croakers.

Got a 4×4 pass? Hit Brigantine’s north end. Wreck Inlet attracts baitfish on incoming tides. Captain Andy also recommends the center of the island off the Brigantine Hotel at 14th street….where a big slough attracts fish. On Brigantine’s south end,  Absecon Inlet and the jetty are other great spots if you have a 4×4 pass.


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