2013 Brigantine Municipal Salary Report

The Brigantine Taxpayers Association took out a full page ad in the Brigantine Beachcomber newspaper this week. It listed the 2013 salaries for many…but not all….Brigantine city employees. Click thru to see  pics of the AD….with some of those city employee salaries.

While many appreciate these efforts of municipal transparency, we’d like to respectfully ask the Brig Taxpayers Assoc to start using the INTERNET to share this type of info.

With approx 70% of Brigantine taxpayers unable to pick up a local paper…..or watch council meetings on channel 2 in the off-season, the Internet is a critical & mandatory tool to share info with everybody…..year round.

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4 thoughts on “2013 Brigantine Municipal Salary Report”

  1. can I come back??? when I ret. as a lt. on the P.D. in 1992 w/25 yrs service,I was making $48,000.00…times sure have gotten better there;more funnier,I started as a patrolman in Jan 1967 at $4,800.00..Jim Tynan, Brig P.D. Ret/Lt.

    1. Sad days in Brigantine

      Believe me LT, you DO NOT want to come back now. Morale is at an all time low and they replaced the Chief’s Police position with a part time 50 year old Class 2 Special. Consider yourself lucky you were able to get out while you could

  2. to the above writer??we had our share of problems during my tenure there,maybe not as bad..myself as well as other’s got demoted 1 rank so the politician’s could put in place their “patsie’s”!!that’s life,always not too fair..jim tynan, Lt. Brig. P.d. ret..1992,long key , fl..(fl. key’s)

  3. Susan schofield says
    October 4, 2013 at 2:13 pm (Edit)

    I don’t understand why a city the size of Brigantine needs a City Manager, PLUS a Deputy Manager…at those bloated, out of whack salaries…..what do the mayor and Council members do?

    I’m a summer resident. My winter residence is a town with twice the population of Brigantine ALL YEAR ROUND, and the Part-time Mayor and Trustees run the City.

    What is going on? There are managers at every level of the government who should be answering to the Council and Mayor, why a City manager?

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