2014 Brigantine City Budget Ready for Debate

Brigantine City Council will hold a special budget meeting on Saturday, March 8, 9a at City Hall. A draft of the proposed 2014 city budget will be presented to the public.

Key issues related to proposed budget: Many Brigantine homeowners challenged their property valuations and won. With so many lower home values, the city’s ratable tax base / net valuation lost a whopping $143,648,400.

The Brigantine City Manager, under the watchful eye of Councilman Pullella and crew, will now try to concoct a toxic mix of service cuts, personnel right-sizing, benefit reductions, levies, bonds, tax hikes and political spin to cover that loss. Will Council adopt financial mitigation tactics used by other shore towns? Will Council raise fresh revenue through new business development and other tourism-based initiatives? Don’t hold your breath. Tax & cut is much easier.

2014 Budget Fun Facts:

  • Wages, salaries and benefits make up approx. 65% of city budget
  • City still negotiating with some unions. Health insurance & pension contributions in play
  • Awesome, yet poorly marketed ‘Links at Brigantine Golf’ lost $547,000 in 2013
  • The city’s final municipal budget will be approved by Council in April
  • Start looking for spare change between your sofa cushions. The tax man comes.

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