2016 Master Plan for Brigantine. Why Two Schools?

brigantine master plan 2016

The Brigantine Planning Board quietly adopted a new Master Plan for Brigantine on Sept 28, 2016. Have you seen it? Me neither. Why did they keep it a secret? No public input, no council discussion.

Click to see 2016 Brigantine Master Plan here.


Did you know? Brigantine is encouraging the development of Bed and Breakfast Inns by creating certain zoning districts and regulations outlining the requirements for such uses? Did you know > A bed and breakfast ordinance was added to the Land Use Ordinance?

The economic downturn in Atlantic City’s casino industry claimed over 15,000 jobs. A portion of these jobs were held by residents of Brigantine. Demographic data shows a precipitous drop in Brigantine population during this period. Even with a fast declining population and businesses fleeing, Brigantine still has 2 schools with 2 staffs, and has added to it’s public employee staffing.

Brigantine has lost roughly a quarter of its permanent year round population, from a high of 12,500 in 2012, to a last estimate of 9,500 in 2014. Estimates suggest Brigantine has approx 8,700 full time residents as of 2016. This trend of decreasing permanent population on the City of Brigantine seems to be ignored by City leaders.

Why Does Brigantine Have Two Schools?

The median age of Brigantine residents has steadily increased. Residents are aging in place and City is becoming more popular as retirement community.

Decline in permanent population of Brigantine appears to have been greatest in the family age groups. Many of these people may have been employed in the casino industry directly across the Inlet.

Percentage decline in the 25-43 year olds (-43%) and the 35-44 year olds (-78%), is significant for a number of reasons: a. These were people in the prime of their employment working years who were most likely bringing their income on to the island from outside. b. These people were also in child rearing age ranges.

Losing jobs in casino industry made many relocate, taking income they would have spent on the tangible and intangibles of raising children and supporting a family, with them.

Noticeable decline in children of all age groups. Under 5 years (-48%), 5-9 years (-55%), 10-14 years (-58.5%), or a total of 1,214 minors.

Effect of the decline of children has a ripple effect on entire island. Less school aged children means less classes, less participants in activities throughout the City, and less dollars spent locally feeding and clothing the children.

Members of the Brigantine Planning Board…appointed by Brigantine Mayor & City Council.

  • Mayor Phil Guenther
  • Councilman Karen Bew
  • Chairperson Mike Brindisi
  • Dorie Herndon
  • Conrad Weiler
  • Paul Lettieri
  • Tim Daley
  • Roberta Fusco
  • Tom Donahue
  • Frank Alberti
  • Dennis Haney
  • Maria Sacco Handle
  • Chaser Gaffney



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1 thought on “2016 Master Plan for Brigantine. Why Two Schools?”

  1. those top 2 names tell it all & the rest are just their puppets. Not until those that retired to this island start speaking up and get rid of the old regime will we get a break. If these people on the planning committee have even 1 child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. in that school they’ll keep it open. Look at the old St. Phillip’s – it had 4 in their graduating class and the city shut it down.
    Longport has no school and their taxes are 1/4 of ours!

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