2017 Brigantine Public School Employee Salary Report

It’s getting worse. Enrollment in Brigantine’s elementary and middle schools has declined to just 611 students. There are 52 fewer students in Brigantine, compared Sept 2015.

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Mayor Phil Guenther ACIT
Mayor Phil Guenther

Brigantine school student enrollment is now declining at a faster clip. Even with that stark news, 30% of property taxes are still allocated to the school district.

Interesting to note, the City of Brigantine is one of the few school districts in NJ where the Mayor alone appoints the Board of Education.

Phil Guenther,  Mayor of Brigantine for past 27 years, effectively controls that entity.


Brigantine has highest cost per student in Atlantic County: $23,000. That’s up from $21,000 in 2016.

Brigantine school district has 5th largest median teacher salary ($89,900) in State of NJ.

Click here to see: 2017 Brigantine School Salary Chart

Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther, and Councilman Vince Sera are still against consolidation of the 2 schools (elementary and middle). These 2 schools sit side by side. Guenther & Sera also vehemently oppose the elimination of duplicated school administrative costs.

Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther ultimately controls vast power over the expensive and questionable educational system in Brigantine.

The Brigantine School Board & the Board of Estimates continue to say “no” to consolidation & downsizing. Not surprisingly, the Brigantine Board of School Estimates is composed of 2 Board of Education members and 3 members of City Council including the Mayor.

Click here to see: 2017 Brigantine School Salary Chart



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2 thoughts on “2017 Brigantine Public School Employee Salary Report”

  1. Amazed but never surprised

    Brigantine is a case study for abuse and deserves its own investigation, preferably by the State AG! It would never pass the smell test, because of the stench. Many of the same last names appear over and over again on public employee payrolls.

    1. I am neither amazed or surprised about the level of corruption, foul nepotism, and betrayal of the public trust in Brigantine. Having owned a vacation, and expected retirement home there for 15 years, I was “rescued” by Hurricane Sandy, as I said out after that devastation.
      The politicians, and their local resident family and friends, treat the treasury as their personal piggy bank.

      Nothing will ever be done about this. State/federal gov’t doesn’t care and second homeowners have no say.

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