2021 Brigantine City Employee Salaries

The BRIGANTINE TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION recently shared this public information provided by the City.

This data helps Brigantine taxpayers evaluate their municipal government’s 2021 budget and its allocation and expenditure of taxes and other revenue.

The US Census Bureau’s 2019 estimated population of Brigantine is 8,650. That’s down several thousand compared to the 2010 Census. (The 2020 Census numbers aren’t available yet).

A population trend, as well as any pandemic effect on our permanent, fulltime population, must be considered when reviewing the scope, feasibility and cost of municipal services and the economic health of local businesses.


Number of Brigantine employees earning at least $100,000 is 45.

Number of listed positions (excluding seasonal ones) is 182, That’s two more than in 2019.

There are 34 police officers and 34 firefighter/EMTs.

Listed Brigantine payroll is $11.4 million. That’s UP $300,000 compared to 2019. This number includes base salary, longevity payments and all 32 different stipends.

Not included in the Brigantine salary numbers:

Overtime $457,400

Health benefits: $2 million

State & Federal statutory retirement / pension payments: $3.6 million

Longevity payments (being paid just for being on the job, $272,000).

Longevity, an unjustified expense for taxpayers, is part of the municipal union contracts for those hired before Jan 2015.

Proposed 2021 Brigantine budget was introduced on 3/3/21. It includes 1.7% increase in local purpose tax rate. It will be voted on by Council on 4/7/21.

Others taxes not counted here, include School and Atlantic County.


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1 thought on “2021 Brigantine City Employee Salaries”

  1. Redistribution of wealth at its finest

    Taking money from non-resident, non-voting homeowners and redistributing it to Brig townies and “unemployable-in-the-real-world”, lifers

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