22+ Years of Uninterrupted Power. Mayor Guenther’s Brigantine.

Ten years ago, I published “Greenhead Politics”, which contained more than enough evidence of corruption and mismanagement in Brigantine to justify an investigation. The city government, headed by Mayor Guenther, turned its back on the subject and stayed silent until it blew over, which proved to be an effective tactic. At first, residents were outraged and demanded answers, but they were left to discuss it amongst themselves, since their elected government refused to comment on the contents of the book. Eventually, their underestimation of the public’s attention span proved accurate, and everyone just…forgot.

22 years of uninterrupted absolute power seem to have only served to embolden Mayor Guenther.

Guenther is so confident in his continued reign that he blatantly disregards the wishes of the vast majority of his constituents with no worry over the consequences. The elections are a numbers game in which the full-time residential voting box is stuffed with the votes of those that have a vested interest in riding the gravy train. With a large block of guaranteed votes from city employees and their families and friends, the city government is free to do whatever they wish.

City politics in Brigantine can be terribly frustrating, and it’s beginning to appear that this is no accident.

The more inaccessible the political process can be made, the more “normal” people will disengage from it in frustration and hopelessness. I am guilty of this myself. The issues in Brigantine are so rampant, and some of the people on the other side of the issues are so irrational and hard-headed, that I had to retire from writing regularly on this site, or be driven mad over a place where I no longer even live.

Please, Brigantine…DO NOT wait for city government to address these issues. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

You have to be relentless. You have to push. You have to be willing to suffer the peer-pressure that will be applied by your friends and neighbors. My book is old news, but you have another chance to take back your city and at least force your government to act with a modicum of transparency and respect for the wishes of ALL the taxpayers, not just a chosen few.

Please, follow Albert Zini’s excellent advise and get on the Mayor’s back to answer these allegations, whether it be an answer you or to some higher authority, or in ten years, you might look back and wish you did.

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1 thought on “22+ Years of Uninterrupted Power. Mayor Guenther’s Brigantine.”

  1. Stephanie Taimanglo

    We tried to find you years ago just to speak to you to affirm our feelings on this town. Much of the problem lies in the nepotism. The outsiders can’t get in. The fame students that win ALL of the scholarships are the sons and daughters of the teacher who are the wives of the police and fire. The successful stores are city workers and relatives of. If you are not in the clicks the coaches are the dad of the children that get the scholarships and the travel team placement. I raised my children here since 1997. I tell you none of them want anything to do with anyone in this town. I’m done with the school system now they are in high school and college. Idk the answer but they have beaten us down to the point we just don’t care. We are here no for the view and that’s about it.

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