Golf Course Meeting Postponed Due to Brigantine City Clerk Error

According to the Beachcomber News, CITY COUNCIL on OCT 15 had public commenting on the municipal golf course and the two proposals received after the city requested RFPs for firms to lease the course for a 24-year period. The golf course has been a hot political button primarily because of the loss in revenues (from a high of $2 million-plus in 2007 to a low of $904,000 in 2013) and the additional financial support ($765,256.18) required from island taxpayers in 2013.

According to members of the committee overseeing the process, two entities have submitted RFPs, but only one is being considered at this time. Reports, and a slip by Councilman Simpson, indicate that former Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Ron Jaworski’s company (which owns and operates various golf courses including the Blue Heron course in Egg Harbor City) submitted the more viable bid.

Brigantine City Clerk Mistake Postpones Golf Meeting

Apparently the bid does not meet the requirements requested by the city, and a Friday meeting was scheduled where the company could make a “best and final offer.” That meeting is being postponed, as the appropriate legal notice was not posted in time.

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  1. With reduced # of home owners and population, do we really need such a large administrative force? Please reduced the staff!

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