30% of Brigantine Taxpayers to Decide Public Safety Director Fate

Brigantine will hold a special election in a few weeks. Scheduled for May 13, the vote will determine the future of our public safety director. Full-time residents of Brigantine will decide between Chiefs….and a Public Safety Director. Which will it be? 

All Brigantine taxpayers will foot the bill for this, but not all taxpayers will be able to vote on this issue. Costs have been reported to be about $30,000.

According to a report in the Press of Atlantic City:

  • $8,100 to print and mail all election materials, including official and sample ballots, street lists and voting authority books.
  • The county Superintendent of Elections Office estimated the cost of supplying voting machines and other services at $8,000.
  • Brigantine will pay $5,000 for six poll workers, three each from the two major political parties.
  • Legal fees and other incidental costs make up the remainder.

The vote will be open to primary, Brigantine residents only. That’s about 30% of Brigantine taxpayers.

Second homeowners, even though they are official taxpayers, are still not able to vote on non-political issues like these. New Jersey is still debating this issue while other resort towns have created some limited forms of voter rights for their dominant 2nd homeowner tax base.

“If the local voter has already registered to vote in general elections, then they are eligible to vote in this election

Deadline to register is April 22.

For more information, call the city clerk’s office at 609-266-7600 or email lsweeney@brigantinebeachnj.com.

This special election is being forced by a citizens’ petition to eliminate the PSD position. This oversees administration of the city’s departments of beach patrol, fire and police.

Primary residents will cast their ballots at the Brigantine North School, City Hall and the Brigantine Beach Community Center.

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2 thoughts on “30% of Brigantine Taxpayers to Decide Public Safety Director Fate”

    1. Jim Dougherty, you should know the answer to that even if you took BASIC Civics OR any introductory course in Poliitical Science Government and or State and Local Government class. The knowlege you would have gained would tell you the obvious answer to that. In the meantime let me give you an abreviated but SIMPLIFIED answer for your question : WHEN PIGS FLY! You want to vote, then move your PERMANENT residence. You don’t get to vote in two locations and on selcective issues. What you are suggesting is fraud.and violation of NJ State Election Laws. which could be also depending on the situation a violation of Federal Election Laws. Such situations are being actively investigated now as we speak especially in VA, MD, DE, DC, NJ and PA. They have tracked several thousand in VA and MD to date and are expanding the dual registrations and voters.

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