300+ Support Police on AC Boardwalk

WATCH VIDEO & SEE PICS: Atlantic City’s Boardwalk was brimming with 50 degree sunshine and 300+ supporters of local police on Friday, Dec. 26.

This special rally & peaceful march was the brainchild of John Baker, a retired orthopedic surgeon. He began organizing the event on Christmas Eve. Baker obtained the events permit, an insurance policy, and the cooperation of local government officials and the police.created to support our various police departments and officers who put their lives on the line every day.

Harry Hurley pumped it up on his 1450 am WPG radio show. Hurley was master of ceremonies introducing Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Mayor Don Guardian, Dennis Levenson, Atlantic City Police Chief Henry White and others.

Many other regional Police departments took part in the rally. The Police Chiefs of neighboring communities like EHT & Galloway were there to show their support.


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