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      1. Marcel Pelletier

        I would like to purchase a 4 wheel pass for the beach. Now that u r closed at this time can I purchase online. I’m 62 m I’m permanetly disabled . Can u please get back to me ..Thank u

        1. Public Safety Supporter

          At this time all the City Offices are closed but the employees should be checking their voicemail. You may get an answer by contacting 264-7350 and leaving a message. On line purchases are not available

        2. They are open now. Disable is 85.00. Just need to bring your award letter for proof, registration and insurance with valid licsence.

    1. Dan,
      We WISH we could buy a daily or weekly pass to take our 4×4 on Brigantine Beach. We would even pay a premium for the privilege. Unfortunately, Brigantine City Council is still in the digital dark ages. They think MySpace is cool…they still use beepers, and they prefer fax machines.

      1. Lol Thanks, that’s to bad it could be a good source of revenue that would benefit the residents, but what elected official cares about its constituents.

        1. Or you could just buy the yearly pass that produces revenue and benefits the residents in the same way without the hassle of buying a daily pass. Or you could just park on the street and walk if you are not interested in spending the money for a yearly pass like the rest of us do. Daily passes would be a nightmare for not only the yearly pass holders but the Police department as well.

          1. Cape Cod (Truro and Provincetown) and RI beaches offer weekly over sand access passes. It’s more affordable and offers flexibility to those who don’t live in the area and are only there for a vacation. You figure its win win. I don’t know what municipality wouldn’t want the revenue. I’m sure there has to be at at least one intelligent person who could mitigate the nightmare for the yearly holders and the police. It would be a shame for outsiders, with hard earned dollars looking to be spent, to be an inconvenience. I suppose it’s truly astounding that the folk out on the cape and RI can handle it. They must all be rocket scientists. The logistics are just impossible to comprehend. You’re right, buying a pass for the year, when I have zero plan to return, is the ONLY logical way to handle this. Thanks Gary

    1. Yes, Veterans must be 100% disabled, you must bring your letter of disability, showing the percentage, a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance. If you meet the above requirements, then your 4×4 beach permit is FREE.

  1. Steve Thanks for the reply in reference to the No fee for a disabled vet for your Beach Permit. When I come down to your facility to register my vehicle do I have to also bring along the items required that are needed when i drive on the beach such as the safety equipment etc. or can I apply for the permit without those items. Thanks Greg Bennett

  2. Hello,
    Is there anyway I can get a permit electonically, or via mail,or do I have to be there in person to purchase it?

    1. Dan,
      unfortunately the city of brigantine is not a big fan of using digital tools. you have to buy in person.

  3. It seems like the only permits available are for the the whole season!!! am i right or im just not looking in the right place?

    1. lady miss brigantine

      city of brigantine forces you to buy a season pass for 4×4’s. this is a slap in the face to visitors and those who do not live here full time

    1. Because the majority of AWD vehicles are to low to the ground and they do not have locking hubs and will get stuck. Many awd Lexus and Audi’s have been swept into the beach after being stuck in hi tide.

    1. Unfortunately no. The city offers only ONE full price for the season. Even if you only visit for a day, week or month. We hope the city will one day offer a variety of different 4×4 pricing & permits.

      1. no, they should be charging double for all permits, and there should NOT be a one-day permit cause youll get all these jokers with no respect for the island with their oil-leaking tanks on the beach hotrodding not realizing theyre an annoyance and a bane to the beach going community. beach communities are for walking and biking, not big gas-guzzling monstrosities. you want to showboat that crap go to a monster truck rally.

  4. go pound sand notashoobie , the only thing cloggin the beach is your way of thinking.you wouldn’t know the first thing about 4 wheelin all you do is drive the beatin path, park and unfold a chair

  5. Does anybody know the rules about reserving parking spaces? Is it valid to leave chairs on the beach in the morning, go home and return two hours later when all spaces are taken and expect to keep that space?

  6. this is a vote for NO to day and/or weekend 4×4 permits. although i am now a homeowner and will be on the island more often than in the past, we always bought the permit and only used it a few times during the year since we live in Philly. day/weekend passes will certainly make the beach much more congested. Last thing we need is an idiot with a day pass driving recklessly on the beach.

  7. Yeah, we don’t need them on the beach. Send them and all their millions of $ that keep our tax ratables obscenely low somewhere else!

  8. can anyone list any if the rules for the 4×4 beach i have a pass for island beach state park and was just curious if they were any different

  9. I’m confused!! I see on here people are saying that disabled vets can get 4×4 truck permits for the beach for free, I was just informed today by city of Brigantine that I would have to pay the senior citizens discount (which is what the Beterans discount is). So since I’m a disabled veteran, do I need to pay anything to get my 4×4 truck beach permit or not???????

  10. When is opening day when everyone gets to drive on the beach for free and there is a parade? I went a couple years ago and it was a blast.

    1. Free to all Vets. Just got mine today. ID card, License, reg. and insurance is all you need. Can’t wait to get out there with my family. Looks like a great time.

  11. Damn people just pay the $ and enjoy the privilege..it seems like everyone forgot it’s a privilege….look at all the places we aren’t allowed to go and now everyone wants something for nothing

  12. I quite enjoy the weekend with my kids for the past 5yrs….the price keeps out the ones that shouldn’t be there that are going to trash it up or ruin it for those of us who respect the privilege …it’s a courtesy to even let us out on their beach

    1. Addison Reader Jr

      I agree. Went there for the first time this weekend and will be signing up for my pass next year. Had a blast. Can’t wait to do it again. Went to wildwood and was embarrassed by all the trash people left on the beach. Keep it clean or stay home.

  13. Who determines the vehicles offroad capability? I ask because technically my soccer mom style SUV is AWD, but it has an AWD lock button that when pressed tells the transfer case to keep sending power to the front and rear constantly. The owners manual says it’s for slippery road conditions and off-road only. Do not use under normal circumstances, or it could cause damage to the drivetrain. Basically the same warnings as Part-time 4WD. It actually list sand as an acceptable condition.

    1. Todd Lippincott

      For the technically challenged, locking in all wheel drive IS 4 wheel drive and should not be discriminated against.

  14. Thomas A Fodaro Jr

    Could all info be mailed in for permits ahead of time. My arrival is on a sat and id miss out on 2 days of beach access.

  15. how about all you 4wd or awd vehicle holders try using your all wheel drive FEET to WALK to the beach instead of zooming down the beach with your exhaust stinking up the place. god forbid you have to walk a block and cant bring your entire home with you at the water’s edge

  16. Glad to be outta there

    Before I sold my house and left Brigantine, I couldn’t even drive to and park on the beach at the south end because of three-deep SUV parking. The loud *music* was also a hardship to endure. Has anyone thought of stratifying the price/availability of 4WD passes for off-island people? Aside from the discounts already in place, which I support, shouldn’t the residents who pay taxes and clean up after visitors get a break? Lower the price for residents/homeowners and/or raise the price for all others — even Atlantic County neighbors. It just makes sense.

  17. I’m an out of stater. Keep it a yearly permit and to anyone considering beach driving, make sure you know what your doing. I’ve personally seen people who assume 4wd will get them out of anything. Wrong. Most 4wd systems are open differential meaning power only going to one wheel on each axle when engaged. Even full lockers are no guarantee to stay out of trouble.
    Also if our on beach practice “plus 1.”
    Basically pack out all your garbage PLUS 1 extra piece of refuse you find(or as much as you want). If all willingly pitch in it creates a better environment for all(and reduces chance of them banning vehicles completely)

  18. Why isn’t there an air pump to inflate / deflate tires nearby like every other drive on beach on the east coast? 4×4 cars still get stuck and this would solve a ton.

    1. 4×4 permits can be purchased by both residents and non-residents. All Jersey beaches are open access to all.

      1. With a seasonal only pass it would seem you just want residents. I guess I will take my money elsewhere where I feel welcomed.

  19. How much is the ticket for being on the jetty without a 4×4 permit? Just got one the other day trying to meet someone up there not knowing u need a permit.

  20. How much is it for a beach pass for a pick up truck? I would like to go surf fishing for the day. Is anyone at the municipal building to buy the passes during the week?

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