4×4’s Pack Brigantine Beaches in 2016, Could Some Be Shut Out?

Brigantine beach 4x4 permits
4×4 Fun on Brigantine Beach

Brigantine recreation director Jim Mogan thinks the new 4×4 beach permit policy could pose a problem. City Council passed an ordinance providing no-charge 4×4 beach permits to active-duty military and veterans upon request. These 4×4 permit requests could reach 600 or more…much more. Applications are reportedly ramping up from all over the state, as well as far reaching parts of the country.

Those who pay upwards of $185 for a 4×4 beach permit are concerned. Will they be shut out from access to the beach on a sunny July Saturday? Dramatically increased truck numbers could max out the amount of 4×4’s that can fit on those portions of our beaches.

During Summer 2015, Brigantine Police closed SUV 4×4 access after beach traffic exploded during 4th of July weekend.

In other beach news: some on Brigantine City Council wanted the growing chaos at the uber-popular ‘Cove’ beach area to be tamed a bit. That’s welcome news for those that want to keep the area safe, clean & family friendly.

Imagine all of this…in one area: 3-deep rows of SUV’s parked side by side, fishing, jet-ski’s, red cups, motor boats, Water Weenie snack boat, toddlers, swimmers and those jagged / accessible jetty rocks. All of this can make for a really fun, but potentially dangerous day by the inlet between Brigantine and Atlantic City.

This waterside spot favored by locals has been going strong for years…oddly, without lifeguards. Plenty of lifeguard ‘saves’ and public safety ‘incidents’ have occurred without much news coverage. Eyewitness reports suggest that lifeguards have often been called to ‘The Cove’ from their posts along the front beaches of Brigantine.

Brigantine Councilman DeLucry offered COVE recommendations culled from a recent Brigantine Beach Committee.

Recommended are the following:

  • Placing lifeguards at ‘The Cove’ starting Summer 2016
  • Better, more user friendly entrances to Cove & jetty beach areas
  • Improved signage
  • List of user-friendly “rules of the road”
  • Change city code to restrict jet ski use at The Cove
  • Improve and extend beach paths

Editor’s Note: will beach tags soon be required at THE COVE? (we hope so, it’ only fair) Smart, economy-minded beach lovers are parking close by & walking to these freebie beaches which are mainly NOT guarded by the Brigantine Beach Patrol. Swim at your own risk.