60 Year Brigantine Resident Makes Plea to City Hall

Submitted by ’60 Year Brigantine Resident’….

I certainly do remember twice weekly trash pickup that was before the politicians felt the need to line their pockets instead of providing services for their constituents.

There is entirely too much catering to the wants and needs of city employees and too little care and concern for the needs of the taxpayers…As my name states, I have lived here for 60 years and things are (VERY BADLY) out of control in favor of the city workers and against the taxpayers.

Although I am one of the 30% ( full time resident ) I’m being forced out of this town because of the outrageous wages and benefits being paid to the favored few.

DEMS please help us–the REAL REPUBLICANS (who cared about their constituents) are deceased and we are at the mercy of those who only care about their own wealth and the well being of their friends and relatives. Something has to give as it is sad that a lifelong resident must leave this island because taxes are so high just to pay these WAY OVER-INFLATED SALARIES.

But this is not about me…this is about a crazed culture of overpaid salaries and benefits that need to be curtailed.

Yes, we lifelong residents understand that things have changed and the new/rich residents are taking over and so we must leave but…it does NOT have to be this way IF the council takes a realistic look at the situation as it now stands in Brigantine.

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1 thought on “60 Year Brigantine Resident Makes Plea to City Hall”

  1. Murray Rapoport

    I doubt that city council can or will do much to address your concerns. With the new rich come new money and most are not full time residents. I would also say that many of those on council have business ties to the Island. That means they will make more money . Many of the people who work in Brigantine also live here. They make enough in salary to continue living here and they vote. The new rich do not vote and can afford the taxes. The people in office and those on the city payroll have little if any incentive to reduce taxes. Do the math.You will no doubt have plenty of company if you are forced to leave the Island. Oh, did I mention the nepotism and cronyism that exists here ? There is a big contingent on the Island that will vote against change be they of either political party.

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