Councilman Simpson’s Non-Profit Non-sense for Brigantine Golf Course

Brigantine Beach, where reality and logic are on a perpetual vacation, especially when 70% of the taxpayers are not around and the Links at Brigantine Golf is being discussed.

On Wednesday night, March 4, after Simpson and company took a few cheap shots at Ron Jaworski’s character, the Brigantine councilman presented his ‘Jaworski Alternative’; a confusing and half-baked non-profit plan that’s influenced by the controversial municipal golf course in Egg Harbor TWP called McCulloughs Emerald Links. See EHT Emerald Links Story Here

  • Residents find out that The Links are currently assessed at approx 6 million. A more accurate assessment is well under 2 mil.
  • Taxpayers still on the hook in this non-profit concept. This potential non-profit may be able to avoid prevailing wage, competitive bidding, constraints & restrictions, etc.
  • Non-profit board would be appointed by council majority. Simpson & Auditor Leon Costello would be on that board.
  • Credit line of $300k would be immediately sought for operations. Taxpayers would be the collateral to secure that loan/credit line.
  • Liquor license and Food & Beverage concession is in play.
  • Mayor Guenther mentioned concerns from golf course residents: losing ability to use course for walking dogs, jogging, sledding, cheap rounds, games, ball playing, etc.

Listen to Harry Hurley 1450am for EHT McCulloughs Emerald Links background here:

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4 thoughts on “Councilman Simpson’s Non-Profit Non-sense for Brigantine Golf Course”

  1. Leaving brigantine

    Have fun people of Brigantine!! We are leaving with our $15000.00 a year in taxes and tens of thousands of $ we spend locally each year. Yup, we are one of the “FOOT” that paid the salaries starting from the ignorant people that work for the city to the fire fighters that let houses burn down 7 blocks from where they sleep for a living….Making over 100 grand a year…plus bennies! We all know that they all have their own businesses on the side that compete with the people that don’t make their living sucking off the “FOOT”. So long Brigatards…. house is sold and we are out! Only too happy to take our hard earned money to a town that values their summer residents and appreciates our business! Dare you to publish this!

  2. We are with you. We are putting our home up too. Cape May county is a more stable government and you get more for your taxes. Between homeowners, taxes and the politicians Brigantine will be a ghost town. Brigantine needs to come into 2015 before it’s too late. And to do that the ENTIRE POLITICAL structure needs to go. Dare YOU to publish this

  3. John W Pucci Sr.

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Good Bye, and honestly good luck, But don’t let the bridge hit you in the butt.


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