Another Brigantine Back Room Deal: Matt Doran, King of Cost Over-Runs

Seems like past engineering firms hired by Brigantine were problematic. Well, that’s what Brigantine leadership would like you to think. Most are just finding out about that alleged problem now. Even Brigantine Councilman, Rick DeLucry.

Four firms wanted this Brigantine engineering gig. Guess who got it? Utility Engineering and Surveying, lead by the infamous, Matt Doran.

Hey Brigantine, hold onto your wallet. MATT DORAN is back.

Doran: known as the ‘king’ of cost over-runs and non-compliant invoicing in Brigantine.

Doran has a long track record of bilking the city for years. Brigantine was totally cool with that, too. Doran is a good ole boy steeped in Greenhead Politics. So, Doran is good to go.

Council toadies like Mike ‘Wierden’ Rierden claim Doran’s proposal is best and lowest cost. Of course, Doran is the king of cost overruns and change orders. That’s where the real money is.

See proof:

Councilman DeLucry asked about the so-called ‘process’ in doing this hire. There was NO discussion with the entire council body. For well over 2 months…..most, including DeLucry….. were kept in the dark. No public discussion. No nothing.

A ‘done deal’ sprung on DeLucry and the public, at the very last minute. Mayor Simpson and Councilman Sera made sure of that. They knew of the backlash they’d face by re-hiring one of Brigantine’s good ole boys known for over-charging.

The Doran contract will not be restrained by a ‘monetary cap’. No limits on how much Magic Matt can get paid.

Doran has a very checkered past. See above invoices. Risk of conflict; family members and firms.

Councilman Mike ‘Wierden’ Rierden……calls Doran the ‘Godfather of Brigantine Infrastructure’. Others call Doran a wolf in the hen house.

Why did Stinson leave his beloved Brigantine? Good question. Most surmise Stinson was uncomfortable with how business was done in Brigantine.

Former Brigantine City Manager, Ed Stinson, once worked for Matt Doran.

Stinson, who lives in Brigantine, decided to bail on Brig, and went to work for Ventnor as their new, Public Works Director.

Stinson will still have small, paid, role to play in Brigantine. Observers note that Brigantine could use an in-house engineer.

Your tax dollars at work. 75% of which comes from second homeowners; taxpayers that can’t easily vote anyone out of office.

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2 thoughts on “Another Brigantine Back Room Deal: Matt Doran, King of Cost Over-Runs”

  1. “Others call Doran a wolf in the hen house.”
    “Most surmise Stinson was uncomfortable with how business was done in Brigantine.”

    Who are these people? Can you provide a link to that data?

    That invoice is cheap.
    Can you provide links of who you are comparing him to?
    I’ve had to pay for street to house plumbing work for 20k.

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