Atlantic City Council: Condemnation of Revel?

Atlantic City Council wants to turn up the heat…even more…on Glen Straub, owner of the former Revel Casino Hotel.

City Council President Gilliam wants Straub to get his Revel building up and running. Straub, on the other hand, claims he’s being held up by some serious foot dragging by the city. Some have suggested that Mr. Straub could soon flip the property he bought on the cheap. Selling the massive glass enclosed structure could easily put 30 million in his pocket, if indeed, that’s what he wants to do.

Council President Gilliam said the Revel property is “one of the biggest eyesores and black eyes in the city.” “A blight” is another word Gilliam used to describe the Revel building at the north end of the Boardwalk. No word on what Mr. Gilliam thinks about the old Trump Plaza that’s rotting right next door to Boardwalk Hall for the past few years.

City Council will consider a resolution to name a redeveloper for land that includes the Revel. Atlantic City wants M & J at Melrose LLC to become the redeveloper. According to the Press of Atlantic City, the company is connected to Joseph Jingoli Jr., whose company helped build the power plant across the street from Revel, Gilliam said.

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