Bayshore Ave Citizens Lose View in Brigantine

This letter is from a group of concerned Brigantine neighbors along Bayshore Ave.: …….We own houses in the area. We are very concerned about Patrick Kennedy and his new house being built. This week, landscapers have been installing trees, bushes, shrubs, and hedges. We are livid. Mr Kennedy has installed such a large and intrusive amount of foliage that we have all lost the beautiful view we once had. It is so intrusive, in fact, that some neighbors have seen trees and bushes invade other properties.

One can only imagine what will happen when the trees and bushes actually grow a bit. 

Some wonder about issues regarding setbacks and variances in the construction, permits being attained properly, etc. For someone who is supposed to be a part of the community on a full-time basis, Patrick Kennedy seems to be showing a bare disregard for his neighbors and Brigantine at large. We are all people who have paid premiums for our location, and more importantly, our view, only to have it removed in a matter of days due to the whims of a celebrity.

We hope this is something the people of Brigantine take seriously. We know that not much can be done about it, but some transparency and attention are important and may make a difference.

Concerned Brigantine neighbors along Bayshore Ave.

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3 thoughts on “Bayshore Ave Citizens Lose View in Brigantine”

  1. I would like to personally weigh in on the Kennedy property. We live directly across the street on Bayshore. We have watched the house being built and it is a beauty. Who wouldn’t want to live across the street from it. When we looked for our family vacation home we chose Brigantine because of its family atmosphere and community friendliness, as I am sure and hope that the Kennedy family did as well. There is not an American alive that has not or will not learn of the Kennedy family and their impact on this country. I suppose no matter where they chose to live, their notoriety would be an issue in some way or another. We have watched not hundreds but I would venture to say thousands of drivers, bikers, cyclists, joggers and walkers stop, sometimes at the risk of near accidents, to stare, admire and even criticize the Kennedy family home as it evolved. These people have even parked in our driveway (while we were sitting on our porch) to get a good long look. As I write this, six cars have parked on 20th Street to get their look. Come on people! They are just two people raising their family, just like the rest of us. I am certain that the Kennedys are aware of the fascination with their home and after they move in, their lives. So could it be that this is why they chose to cover up that beautiful home with trees and hundreds of shrubs so they can live their lives with some peace? They are entitled to their enjoyment and happiness in this community as are the rest of us and as their neighbor we will do our absolute best to always be considerate of their privacy. We will not, however, refrain from expressing our complete disappointment with the impact on the neighbors here on Bayshore created by that need for privacy. We suppose it is the fascination with celebrity that is to blame. Yes, life is full of disappointments, but with all due respect the Kennedy family knows better than anyone how free we are to say so.

    1. I live a couple doors down from the Kennedy Home. I once enjoyed a view of the Atlantic City Skyline from my deck…until the birth of the McMansions that now cover the island. I completely understand the Kennedy’s need for privacy, Do I miss being able to see Atlantic City’s skyline and fireworks from my deck? Of course I do. But people wanted the large homes as is their right. Even with the trees, If I want to see the bay, I do what I have done for several years – I walk down and gaze. I feel there are more important issues than the fact that someone planted trees on their own property! Please people get a grip!

  2. whoever the idiots are that complain about Mr. Kenndedy’s trees PLEASE I urge you to leave the island immediately for crimes against intelligence and sanity. Thank-you.

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