Brigantine 2014. Beach Tags & 4×4 Permits

Sweet. Brigantine is already prepping for the Summer of 2014.  Beach tags, four-wheel drive permits, parking permits and gift certificates at a discounted rate will be sold for a limited time. Where? Right here: Brigantine Beach Community Center, 265 42nd Street, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays.

Four-wheel drive permits will be available at the discounted cost of $160, $80 for those 60 years of age and older. You’ll need to present a valid driver’s license, current registration and current insurance card for the vehicle, along with filling out an application.

Seasonal beach tags will also be available at a discounted rate of $15, $8 for ages 60-64 and free for 65 and older, with valid ID. Children 12 years old and younger are free.

Municipal parking permits for the season will also be available for $25.

For information call the CER office at 609-264-7350, ext. 3008.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine 2014. Beach Tags & 4×4 Permits”

  1. Go down to Roosevelt beach any weekend in the summer and you will find privileged locals drinking alcohol. I think its great. Other people have to fly to the tropics and pay many dollars to drink on a beach. In Brigantine all you need is a wink from your neighbor law enforcer and drink your beverage of choice out of a red cup!

  2. Go down to ANY beach, ANY day and you will find privileges locals walking dogs without them on a leash. Why are the taxpayers paying for a dog park with seats, running water, etc. In Brigantine, all you need is a wink from your neighbor law enforcer and let your dog run to its hearts content! Which is more illegal?

  3. Stop whining! I’m new to Brigantine – I’ve sat back and observed the politics, the people, etc. Brigantine is a great place. I read this online newsletter, read the 2 local papers and am happy to live here now – but I am just amazed about all the in-fighting, the whining (especially referring to your comments about dogs without leashes on the beach when nobody for 2 thousand yards is around, drinking beer out of red cups – wow, that’s really degrading the beach – go ahead, fly to the islands and drink your alcohol on those beaches, we won’t miss you – c’mon, stop the whining and enjoy what you have!)

    1. Welcome New Guy. Enjoy Brigadune.
      The problem with your reasoning is it only works for the privileged! Some people actually will pay the price for consuming alcoholic beverages on the beach and letting their unleashed pets walk on the beach. That is how beach sand politics began years ago. Society can’t function that way. You want to perpetuate wink politics? You’ve picked the right barrier island!

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