Brigantine 2nd Homeowners Getting Courted for Their Vote

2014-04-14_8-25-37It had to happen sooner or later, since Brigantine second homeowners make up about 70% of the local tax base.

Politicians see the potential power of this large taxpayer group that currently has no local voting rights or say, in how the city is run.

Brigantine Democrats are actively (and smartly) courting this potentially large voting block, hoping a substantial number will register for the upcoming special election on May 13. On that day, voters decide the fate of Brigantine’s Public Safety Director position, something the DEMS want to keep, but the REPUBS want to eliminate.

Brigantine Democrats likely believe 2nd homeowners will be more inclined to keep the Public Safety Director.

The Democratic majority of Brigantine City Council wants more cooperation between the City Manager and local Police, Fire & Emergency Services. The Public Safety Director position is a go-between that helps accomplish that goal. Presumably, a PSD would also lead to more financially sound operations within the city.

So, are the DEMS wooing these potential voters for a quick hit at the polls? Maybe. But we’d also like to think they’re acknowledging the obvious: Brigantine is more than just 9,000 full-time residents, 3,000 active voters, and a ‘full-service’ city operation.

Brigantine Beach is no longer NJ’s best kept secret. Politicians are savvy enough to see the benefit of warming up to all these so-called ‘outsiders’. These future voters see value in the new Brigantine. They’re already casting their ballots via home buying, land development and real estate speculation. (and maybe one day, retail business).

Brigantine politicians would be wise to represent the interests of ALL taxpayers. Don’t be surprised to see someone get the backing of newly registered voters…. and pull an upset this November….and maybe this May 13th too.

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1 thought on “Brigantine 2nd Homeowners Getting Courted for Their Vote”

  1. John W. Pucci Sr.

    This specific action, if true, by the Brigantine Democrats is commendable. Any effort to increase public involvement in our Democracy has my vote.

    But, did they not consider that the 70% folks might believe their right to vote may be more important in the community where they live the majority of the time? Should they switch their vote back after our special election? ( public safety director )

    Did anybody reach out to the 70% folks for their vote during last year’s $4 million bond approval? During budget hearings? Beach fee ordinance?

    Even if folks switched their primary residence to Brigantine, they still wouldn’t be allowed, as we are not, to vote for 3 of our 7 elected positions under current configuration of government.

    Will Brigantine Democrats encourage change so all Brigantine voters…. can vote for all of our decision making elected officials? This would be commendable!

    Seems a little self serving to me. Rather than promoting the right to vote in Brigantine for all important decisions, through out the entire year.

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