Should Brigantine Allow Drinking & Receptions on Beach?

Open Bars & Wedding Reception on Brigantine Beach
Open Bars & Wedding Reception on Brigantine Beach


Should Brigantine loosen up a bit? Primarily known as a family-friendly town, Brigantine is pondering the pros & cons of evolving into a more ‘lively’ Jersey Shore town. By lively, we mean drinking on the beach. See PICS here. See FEEDBACK below>

A wedding reception was held recently at the ‘Cove’ area of Brigantine Beach. Sounds really nice, huh?

Actually, some believe it’s a GREAT idea to potentially grow the economy of Brigantine.

One small problem. While weddings are common on these pristine shores, receptions and open bars are not allowable by City ordinance. This begs the question: How did a well-respected local couple get the OK to put on a 5 hour, full-blown wedding reception on Brigantine Beach? How can others do the same thing?

Brigantine Real Estate agents are taking notice how open drinking on the beach is affecting home values.

brigantine real estate values
Brigantine Real Estate Values Plummet

Should Brigantine change the laws, and allow drinking on the beach? Should the City encourage and profit from receptions & parties on our sandy shores?

Place your comments below.

Drinking & wedding receptions on Brigantine Beach….good or bad? Should we officially make it legal?

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