Should Brigantine Allow Drinking & Receptions on Beach?

Open Bars & Wedding Reception on Brigantine Beach
Open Bars & Wedding Reception on Brigantine Beach


Should Brigantine loosen up a bit? Primarily known as a family-friendly town, Brigantine is pondering the pros & cons of evolving into a more ‘lively’ Jersey Shore town. By lively, we mean drinking on the beach. See PICS here. See FEEDBACK below>

A wedding reception was held recently at the ‘Cove’ area of Brigantine Beach. Sounds really nice, huh?

Actually, some believe it’s a GREAT idea to potentially grow the economy of Brigantine.

One small problem. While weddings are common on these pristine shores, receptions and open bars are not allowable by City ordinance. This begs the question: How did a well-respected local couple get the OK to put on a 5 hour, full-blown wedding reception on Brigantine Beach? How can others do the same thing?

Brigantine Real Estate agents are taking notice how open drinking on the beach is affecting home values.

brigantine real estate values
Brigantine Real Estate Values Plummet

Should Brigantine change the laws, and allow drinking on the beach? Should the City encourage and profit from receptions & parties on our sandy shores?

Place your comments below.

Drinking & wedding receptions on Brigantine Beach….good or bad? Should we officially make it legal?

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11 thoughts on “Should Brigantine Allow Drinking & Receptions on Beach?”

    1. Well who is coming up with the regulated area for weddings? Money-maker here.
      Look at what you are dealing with…incorrect grammer, spelling, and toal foul mouths….etc….not exactly the cremde la creme of society.

      1. irony!

        to-al: The baby boy name Toal is pronounced TOWL. Toal is of Irish origin. Toal is of the meaning ‘one who is deeply rooted’.

  1. Brigantine is turning into Wildwood (North)…. Owners/Tax Payers need to Unite and stop the insanity.
    Garbage language brings Low-life visitors. Brigantine is a beautiful family town. The “rateables” are the homes- —- so, the Town Leaders need to keep that in mind or the “townies” won’t have anybody to pay the expenses…

  2. If the City permitted this one person to do this then everyone should be allowed. The City should charge for the use of the Cove, the Clean Up and any Police that are needed to monitor the event. If the Cove is to become a venue for parties the then those using it should be changed a fee and the City should acquire the correct liability insurance. Every Brigantine tax payer should be treated equally, there should be no exceptions.

  3. Wow. People get angry and offended far too easily, then post threats on social media. Unbelievable, ironically if I were the newlyweds I would be “ashamed” of the reactions posted on facebook by my wedding guests.

    I think the main point other than it being illegal to drink on the beach is the precedent it sets. Fairness and equality. Do people really not understand that? I don’t think its too difficult a concept to grasp. Not to mention that the argument for beach drinking “well everyone does it in the summer” must also apply then to having other receptions at the cove since “someone already did it”.

    Many have voiced their concern about the cove in the summer so to say nobody “bats an eye” is naive or ignorant or both.

    1. Entitled scumbags who think think it’s ok to skirt laws and ordinances for themselves, but I am quite sure if I danced around a law or ordinance in their town, down the street from their home, they would be the ones bitching and complaining. Brigantine is just full of trailer park trash locals supported by out-of-towners that own 90% of the homes. Once the vacationers move elsewhere, you shit-bag locals will die out because you won’t have people propping up your welfare town.

  4. I highly doubt that drinking on the beach has decimated real estate values. It’s more likely that the town across the inlet has had a major impact on real estate values… it would seem that having wedding receptions without liability insurance may be a potential problem…..

  5. Not only have property values drastically declined in recent years, but also the population of Brigantine is in a steady decline. For example, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Brigantine was 9,450 in 2010, 9,400 in 2013, and 9,204 in 2015. With a decline in both property values and population it appears that Brigantine is headed in an unfavorable direction. Why not use this “wedding controversy” as an opportunity to investigate how such venues can be used to Brigantine’s advantage. Perhaps by requiring fees for permits, placing some restrictions on events so they don’t get out of hand and/or disturb nearby residents, Brigantine can financially profit from beach celebrations. Other attractions could be added such as Brigantine-friendly concerts and other events which may keep the economy of Brigantine stable rather than in a steady decline.

  6. The “Cove” has been a drinking scene for years. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Brig needs to go with the times. So closed minded. It’s a shame when the pier went down we didn’t rebuild. There is no attraction to bring people to our beautiful Island besides the Mammal Center. I remember the city voting no to a public pool. Yes, we are a well kept secret but don’t you think it’s time to grow?

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