Brigantine Appoints Interim Public Safety Director

Dan Howard Brigantine
Dan Howard

It’s official. Brigantine Beach has now hired an interim public safety director. Dan Howard is a highly-respected and recently retired police lieutenant from Mount Laurel, NJ. Howard will now handle admin duties like budgets and scheduling for Brigantine’s police, fire, EMS and beach patrols.

Dan Howard is also a 25 year veteran law enforcement official with over 17 years of mid and senior management and command level experience.

Dan is a decorated police administrator with a proven track record in supervision , emergency management, volunteer fire and emergency medical services.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, “He’ll be helping to guide the captains to develop managerial decision-making and working with them to come up with efficiencies for the department,” City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal said Tuesday.

Blumenthal met Howard while they both worked for Mount Laurel township. 

Will Howard’s hiring lead to layoffs and budget cuts? Brigantine PBA & Police Union President Rich DeLeon thinks so. “What other reason would they have to bring someone in than to find more ways to cut the budget?” Read interview at The Press of Atlantic City.

Brigantine has been looking to hire a public safety director for a few months now. The city sees multiple benefits in consolidating the administrative leadership of the PD, FD, EMS & Beach Patrols. This is also seen as a way of reducing the substantial, combined Brigantine salary expenses that totaled almost $9 million this year. See 2012 Brigantine Employee Salary Info

City Council will have a special meeting this Saturday June 22 at 10am at City Hall. Council will introduce Dan Howard to the city.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Appoints Interim Public Safety Director”

  1. The democrat controlled council has no regard for the taxpayer. First a 3.5 cent tax increase in lieu of the two republican council members’ . 9 cent increase. Now the democrats hire another administrator @ $ 70,000.

  2. Maybe they will save $$$ by hiring a new Chief Financial Officer at less than what the one that just resigned was getting. So much turmoil in City Hall, who is next to realize they cannot work with City Administration? No salary is worth what they are going through. So many City Hall workers have seen so many City Officials come and go, hope “she” does not chase away any more of the “good” ones.

  3. If the captains of the three departments are going to be doing the chiefs’ jobs (which is what it sounds like is going to occur) then why does the city need a public safety director if we didn’t need one when we had chiefs doing the chiefs’ jobs?

    Also, it sounds like Mr. Howard is extremely qualified and would most likely make more money working in the private sector. What is his incentive for working for our city?

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