Brigantine Battles over Faulty Budgets for 2016


Notes from the Brigantine City Council meeting of 4.20.2016.

Discussion of Board of School Estimates and their lack of timely reports & projections. The number of students continues to decline. But no one on council seemed to know by how much, even though 3 members are actually on the boards connected to the Brigantine School District.

Note: Mayor Guenther appoints the school board. Guenther was grilled over the non-eligible & non-resident students that could be inside of Brigantine schools.

Resident Conrad Weiler, noted that the meeting minutes are still poorly recorded, both in text and audio. WATCH VIDEO >

Mayor Guenther says he was mis-quoted. Mayor defends the new CFO, even though Roxanne Tosto has considerable trouble with handling finances & projections in a timely manner.

Ms Tosto & City Manager Stinson both struggle with simple question of: Why did employee count go up….from year 2015 to year 2016?

From Shore New Today: The city may have to upgrade some of its accounting systems after an audit showed some of its 2014 reporting to be “a disgrace” while other items were termed unrecorded, unresolved, inaccurate and invalid.

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