Brigantine Gets Fair & Balanced Media Coverage? NOPE.

We need fair & balanced media coverage of Brigantine Beach. Our jewel of an Island gets better and more beautiful by the day. You didn’t know that if you only read the Philadelphia Inquirer, Press of AC, or viewed the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce website. You see, pictures are worth a thousand words. The Inquirer & AC Press seem to only cover our struggles, and the Chamber & City websites are devoid of photos depicting Brigantine’s amazing comeback. This makes us wonder who’s really in charge of communications: attracting tourism, business and investment to our town.

Why is the City of Brigantine paying a well-compensated public employee to build a business directory?…..something the Brigantine Chamber should be doing with their own money….not taxpayer’s money.

Brigantine Chamber of Commerce
Recent Photo of Brigantine

One simple photo can do more good (or harm) than a million dollars in TV, Radio & Newspaper advertising. A recent article on was called: Months after Sandy, Brigantine Still Far From Normal.

Another article featured an ill-advised interview and quotes potentially taken out of context from a local Brigantine Realtor in a story called: Luck sours for Jersey Shore town near Atlantic City. The local Real Estate agent made the critical mistake of talking to a reporter potentially looking for ‘bad’ news along the Jersey shore.

Why did this Brigantine Real Estate office allow a newbie agent to talk to a reporter from the biggest website in central PA? No matter if the reporter was 100% accurate or not about the quotes, the willing participant (agent) and the Real Estate office must take full responsibility for this unfortunate mistake…..apologize….and move forward. Mistakes like this hurt everyone in Brigantine.

While some are still hurting and need help, we also need to be telling beach lovers why they should buy, rent and visit Brigantine Beach… since tourism, Real Estate & home services are key drivers of our Brigantine economy.

We liked the “Stronger than the Storm” marketing campaign for NJ. Yet most people still want to see the current Jersey shore with their own eyes. When driving here is not possible, photos & video can really help. That’s why takes a TON of photos and shoots a TON of Brigantine Video. We want the world to know the REAL value and current status of Brigantine Beach, not just the one-sided coverage they see in the local papers or on TV.

EXAMPLE of why many Brigantine homeowners /business owners are angry: The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce website has no relevant/current vacation-oriented photos, but it does feature a ‘who got arrested’ section via the Police Department blotter.

Brigantine Now BB-NJ
Rogue Employee FB Page? Click to Enlarge.

Another example of why Brigantine homeowners / business owners are angry: (we hope it’s not true)…a Brigantine public employee allegedly runs a Brigantine Facebook page, pushes their own private business interests, and keeps posting Hurricane Sandy photos as we approach the Summer tourism season. CLICK photo to left to enlarge.

This obvious and hurtful activity has to stop.

To the outside world, many are still skeptical about vacationing or buying a home on Brigantine Beach. It shouldn’t be that way. The post-Sandy media coverage of Brigantine Beach was extra heavy due to the Obama visit. To be sure, a substantial amount of homes located in low-lying parts of Brigantine Island were hurt. This was and still is newsworthy, but it needs to be balanced with showing off the amazing beauty, excellence and rebound of our entire coastal island.

Business angry at Brigantine Chamber
Business angry at Brigantine Chamber. Click to ENLARGE

If a rogue public employee & our local business chamber drop the ball with tourism & marketing efforts, all Brigantiners get hurt. All Brigantine homeowners & business owners depend on visitors, buyers & renters for their livelihood and/or home valuations. See 2012 Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Financial Report here.

Photos, video, email, Facebook and YouTube are some of the tools we use to communicate with those interested in Brigantine Beach.

We use these digital tools to combat the one-sided/in-accurate info about Brigantine….we also use these tools to amplify & share all that is good about our seaside community.

We want fair & balanced coverage of Brigantine Beach. That’s a big part of the mission of is now the #1 source of news & info about Brigantine Beach. Local newspapers are ok, but they reach a very, very small handful of the total potential audience for all things Brigantine.

Click below for some AWESOME pics of Brigantine Beach.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Gets Fair & Balanced Media Coverage? NOPE.”

  1. Brigantine Taxpayer

    In reference to the article featuring an interview with a Brigantine Realtor, I sent an email to the reporter. Here’s the email that I sent to him. Hopefully, he will write a new article. It is long, but rebuts the BAD news that was published about our town.

    Dear John Luciew

    The article you published in The Patriot News ( and online at the HUGE Pennsylvania website: ) is very disturbing. I do not know the actual basis for Mr. Apel’s take on Brigantine and Atlantic City. I have multiple luxury rental properties in the $6000/week category and I am almost fully booked. I did reduce my rates a bit this year, due to a sluggish start and more properties available as rentals.

    The main reason I see that rentals are down or late this year is that there was no marketing of our beautiful island, stating that we are back to normal…. Shops, restaurants, most homes and our beaches are back to gorgeous, with two completed beach replenishments.

    You see, Brigantine is the best kept secret with beautifully groomed beaches, gorgeous properties in every price range, safe quiet streets, happy smiling faces, a golf course, a miniature golf course, the normal tee shirt/souvenir shops, ice cream/ pizza/ bakery shops, full size Acme market, restaurants, no traffic, no parking meters or parking issues….. I can go on and on. It is the best kept secret because many just plain want to keep it to themselves.

    Although the Governor is now leading an ad campaign through television ads, it was late in getting onto the airways. It really should have started in March, as we were up and running here in Brigantine almost right away. Are the New Jersey shore ads running in your markets?

    Mr. Apel was correct in his thoughts that the economy has affected the rental market here but not because our guests are not willing to use their money to enjoy our town for a week in the summer. Part of the reason for slower rental bookings is an economy effect, BUT that effect is not a lack of vacationers coming to our town.

    Our inventory has increased due to the fact that many more homeowners that did not previously rent out their 2nd homes are now doing so because of the financial burdens of their personal assets. So renting out 2nd homes helps to bring in some rental money to off-set 2nd home hardships. This theory has been validated through the Brigantine Fire Marshall’s office that has the duty of inspecting seasonal rental properties. They have had a marked increase in the number of summer rental properties of the last few years, as our economy tanked.

    As for Atlantic City, Mr Apel’s take on Atlantic City is confusing to me. Although the numbers are down for the casinos, that does not negate the fact that the casinos are an asset to the Brigantine community and the State of New Jersey,as a whole.

    The mainland of AC is just over the bridge to our Island and is the home of many 4 star dining experiences. The shows and acts and entertainers that are brought into the casino theatres are top names. The nightclubs are first rate. The casinos are located in two districts, the Borgata (very high end), Harrah’s beautiful high end casino and the Golden Nugget (recently renovated throughout)and home of a large marina with multi-million dollar yachts are in the area right over our bridge. They are beautiful casinos and are part of our skyline.

    The other casinos line the boardwalk. So you walk down the boardwalk and see one casino after the other with “Boardwalk type” shops and restaurants placed in between… all with the ocean and wonderful summer beach bars on the ocean side of the boardwalk. Yes, Atlantic City has “seedy” areas. Doesn’t every city of this type? But you don’t go to them, you don’t even have to drive through them anymore. So Mr. Apel’s take may reflect a poor travel route on his part.

    Further, on the casinos…. the casinos in the neighboring states do not compare with the Atlantic City casinos in size of gaming, restaurants, entertainment, glitz, glamour, room appointments, and more. New Jersey casinos are far superior in every way.

    Many of my vacation rental guests come from your area. I believe that the interview given by Mr. Apel was full of misinformation and incorrect conjecture on his part. Please counter your previous article with this information. Brigantine is an island jewel waiting for happy Pennsylvanians to enjoy and experience the wonderful island of Brigantine.

  2. Looks like it’s time for a PR agent that praises the most beautiful beach on the entire eastern seaboard and to clean house with a new City Council that has a vision for a beautiful beach community.

    Speaking of time, although it’s a tragedy to lose such a fine fire chief at such a young age, it’s time for Attrition.

    Combine Fire Chief job with that of Police Chief as previously mentioned. Save this community from a slow painful, death.

    Stop the rape of citizens paying a 7% tax hike. By the way, Ms Blumenthal, what happened to the 2% cap on taxes? Or is Brigantine exempt from that?

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