Brigantine Beach Jet Ski Weekend 2012

Brigantine Beach was alive with the roar of jet skis September 15 & 16. Even with the last minute cancellation of the associated Chamber of Commerce ‘Block Party’, the beach was still packed in front of the ole’ Brigantine Hotel (now the Legacy Vacation Resort) at 14th street.

While perfect weather, live music and dare-devil acrobatics in the surf helped attract a large crowd, it was the memory of Jessica that lifted this event to a much higher level of importance.

This 3 day event raised money for families of kids with cancer. “Jessie’s Journey of Hope” was a dream of Jessica, a 21 year old Galloway Township student who lost recently her battle with cancer.

An awesome weekend that not only made Brigantine Beach look great, but it helped bolster the memory and wishes of Jessica. A show that attracted over 500 to our pristine shores.

Special thanks to the Brigantine Police, Fire Department, Beach Patrol and the Department of Public Works…. for their much needed help in making this 3 day extravaganza……safe and smooth.

The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce was forced to cancel their adjacent ‘Block Party’ at the last minute due to lack of interest. The hope was that a block party combined with the jet ski competition would attract more visitors, tourist dollars, and potential home buyers/renters.

Whispers along Brigantine Beach suggest that many potential vendors wanted to participate in a block party, as long as it was on the beach, where all the crowds were…..watching the jet ski competition. Makes sense to us.

Click to watch video….and click images below to enlarge.

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