Brigantine Beach; Our Little Secret.

This is quite the pickle. Should Brigantine Beach remain a quiet, forgotten little town by the sea? Or maybe it should show-off a little?

Both sides of this argument have merit. Click thru for a video devoted to this issue. Of course, nobody wants Brigantine to get wild like Wildwood, or cramped and expensive like Ocean City. We get that. But some have suggested it wouldn’t be a bad idea….if we could install a little ‘Cape May’ vibe into our tourism strategy.

There are hundreds of thousands of shore visitors just over the bridge in AC. Might it make sense to lure a few of ’em over to our little world?

Maybe they’ll say “WOW. Brigantine has really changed”. Maybe they’ll stay for a while, instead of using Brig as a giant U-turn. Maybe they’ll check out a few vacation homes for sale or rent. Maybe they’ll sample our restaurants, like L’aragosta or The Pirates Den.

What do you think? Watch this video….then leave a comment below.

Brigantine Beach. Our Little Secret from Mel Taylor on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Beach; Our Little Secret.”

  1. Mel, you do an AWESOME job marketing this little town. You should go into business doing this type of work…oh, right, you already do!!! Fantastic!!!! Thanks so much! Diane, 247 13th Street South

  2. WOW, what a great video. It’s true, do we keep Brig a secret or encourage more tourism? We should be taking advantage of the tourist dollars that the shore can bring. Brigantine has lovely restaurants, shops and beaches. With smart planning we can control how commercial our little island becomes. I totally agree that it wouldn’t be bad if we could install a little ‘Cape May’ vibe into our tourism strategy. Chrissy, King Cove.

  3. I love it! This is exactly the type of marketing and advertising Brigantine needs! Keep up the Great Work!
    Citizens4Brigantine Thank You!

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