Brigantine Beach Replenishment on Schedule

Bigger. Better. Wider. Brigantine Beach is getting ready for the Summer of 2013. Click thru for a picture slideshow and video.

Crews are working around the clock, pumping in sand from just north of our island. A small crowd gathered along the Northend seawall to watch the industrial ballet of bulldozers and back-hoes push around the newly spewed, grainy goodness. Yes. We called the sand: ‘grainy goodness’.

Sure, we’d like a jetty. But this steadily growing beach is a beautiful site to see.

For the most part, the other 90% of Brigantine beach is already back to normal. So with this infusion along our northern tip, Brigantine Beach will once again, be the #1 beach along the South Jersey shore.

As we mentioned, Brigantine Beach has bounced back faster than most. We’re ready for guests, visitors, and the return of our 2nd home owners; which now make up about 70% of our population and tax base.

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