Brigantine Beach Tags & 4×4 Permits for Summer Season 2018

Brigantine will raise daily,  weekly and seasonal beach tag fees.

  • The daily beach-tag fee will rise from $8 to $10
  • The weekly beach-tag fee will go from $14 to $15.
  • Seasonal tags will remain at $15 if purchased by May 31
  • June 1 the price for seasonal tags will rise to $20, a $2 increase.

Brigantine Four-wheel-drive beach permits:

  • Buy before Feb. 28, the fee is now $175, up from $160.
  • On March 1, the fee rises to $200, that’s an increase of $15 from 2017.
  • Each 4×4 permit comes with two personal beach tags.
  • Active military members get free beach tags, plus four per family.
  • Senior citizens over age 65 and military veterans each receive one free tag.
  • Active military and veterans are entitled to a free 4×4 permit with proper ID.
  • Seniors will pay $80 for a 4×4 permit. After March 1, it goes to $85.

All permits, passes and tags can be purchased at the Brigantine Community Center on 42nd street.

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13 thoughts on “Brigantine Beach Tags & 4×4 Permits for Summer Season 2018”

  1. To fish on North End, will we need a Brigantine Permit as well as state permit to enter beach at 15th st and I understand the closing for piping plovers and where the fence was located in past years, however, does this mean no fishing up to that point during May-September. Any help answering these questions would be great.

  2. Is there a way for me to purchase the seasonal beach badge and parking permit online? Or do I need to physically go to the community center?

  3. thats nuts two much money for a 4/4 pass and you have to by tags on top of that to for your family think a 4/4 pass should be it anyone else yes has to get a tag i been going for years not now

  4. I’ve held the 4×4 pass for IBSP before, is the same equipment required or do you require different or more? Shovel, strap, board, Jack, first aid kit etc…..

  5. I have been using the 4×4 beach since 1991 and quite honestly. I have NEVER NEEDED to put My Jeeps into 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive should be allowed

  6. We just got home from Jetty Beach & the entrance road is a disgraceful plus the beach has not been cleaned & this isMemorial Day weekend, we pay good money & deserve better

  7. the beach wasn’t meant for people to drive their vehicles all over…it was meant to be walked on…not driven on with leaky vehicles, dripping gas remnants, oil, coolant, etc. all over the beautiful sandy beaches. walk to the beach…only people with disabilities should have the ability to purchase a pass…and even then, what are the new beach wheelchairs the city purchased any good for then? use the vehicle God gave every one of us…two legs.

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