Brigantine Beach Tags & 4×4 Permits for Summer Season 2018

Brigantine will raise daily,  weekly and seasonal beach tag fees.

  • The daily beach-tag fee will rise from $8 to $10
  • The weekly beach-tag fee will go from $14 to $15.
  • Seasonal tags will remain at $15 if purchased by May 31
  • June 1 the price for seasonal tags will rise to $20, a $2 increase.

Brigantine Four-wheel-drive beach permits:

  • Buy before Feb. 28, the fee is now $175, up from $160.
  • On March 1, the fee rises to $200, that’s an increase of $15 from 2017.
  • Each 4×4 permit comes with two personal beach tags.
  • Active military members get free beach tags, plus four per family.
  • Senior citizens over age 65 and military veterans each receive one free tag.
  • Active military and veterans are entitled to a free 4×4 permit with proper ID.
  • Seniors will pay $80 for a 4×4 permit. After March 1, it goes to $85.

All permits, passes and tags can be purchased at the Brigantine Community Center on 42nd street.

  • LJS says:

    To fish on North End, will we need a Brigantine Permit as well as state permit to enter beach at 15th st and I understand the closing for piping plovers and where the fence was located in past years, however, does this mean no fishing up to that point during May-September. Any help answering these questions would be great.

  • CKCP says:

    Is there a way for me to purchase the seasonal beach badge and parking permit online? Or do I need to physically go to the community center?

  • h furlong says:

    thats nuts two much money for a 4/4 pass and you have to by tags on top of that to for your family think a 4/4 pass should be it anyone else yes has to get a tag i been going for years not now

  • George says:

    $200 for two passes… criminal pricing come on.. at least give us more passes for that price

  • John Maddox says:

    What days and hours can a 4×4 permit be picked up.