Brigantine Beachcomber’s Feely Escapes Police Chief Reed Harrassment

Michael Feely, a well-known writer for the Beachcomber News has decided to move away from Brigantine. Why? Evidence suggests that Feely was unfairly attacked & harassed for not ‘playing along’ with highly questionable Brigantine politics.

Feely is an independent journalist and has an outstanding track record of community involvement in Brigantine.

Mr Feely was an original founder of BrigStrong and ran the relief effort at the Community Ctr after Hurricane Sandy. Feely was well known for his volunteer work.

The following contains excerpts from letter to the editor written by Anne H. Phillips of The Brigantine Taxpayers Association. We add analysis to the Ms. Anne Phillips letter below.

Phillips: We thank him (Mike Feely) for all his volunteer work on behalf of our island, particularly his effective efforts as a leader in the formation and success of BrigStrong, a community group formed to help the victims of Sandy.

Feely also attempted to produce a beach concert event for Brigantine, called ‘Blues, Brews and Barbecues’. Such a Saturday event in September was designed to bring positive attention to Brigantine, draw a large attendance, and to help our local economy.

He (Feely) was forced to cancel the Brigantine Beach event due to City Hall red tape and road blocks set up by Mayor Guenther & Police Chief Reed.

Documents essential for the event were delayed and City Clerk Lynn Sweeney was once again involved in a cumbersome process meant to delay, confuse and thwart. The city disagrees.



However, it was the unpleasant aftermath of the cancellation – charges made by some local officials that he intended to “hurt” the city with an unnecessary cancellation, that reflect badly on our government. Such an attitude made Mr. Feely reconsider his choice of where he lives and where he volunteers for local activities.


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We regret that Mr. Feely was subjected to such false accusations, especially by our government, and that he will be helping another community instead of Brigantine.

Anne H. Phillips
Brigantine Taxpayers Association

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