Brigantine Boy Finds Wallet, Returns to Police Dept.

Jasmine (Jalil’s mother), Jalil, and Officer Sprague of Brigantine PD


A few weeks ago, 13 yr old Jalil found a wallet on the street. He brought it to the Brigantine Police Department. The wallet contained cash and other personal belongings. It was turned over to its rightful owner.

The owner of the wallet was so grateful for Jalil’s honesty, she sent Brig PD a handwritten note and a Wawa gift card to deliver to Jalil as a reward.

GREAT JOB JALIL! It’s these acts of kindness and honesty from awesome citizens like you that make Brigantine such a great community. And great job to Jalil’s family for raising an awesome young man!

Officer Sprague and Sgt. Glasser of Brigantine PD visited Jalil at his house and commended him for doing the right thing: making sure the wallet found its way back to the owner.

In addition to giving him the note and gift card sent by the owner of the wallet, Brigantine officers presented Jalil with a second gift card donated by the Brigantine Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local #204. It matched the reward given by the owner.

Thank’s to Kelly (owner of wallet) and Brigantine PBA for rewarding a young member of our community. A job well done!

Like a wise (and now happily retired) BPD Captain always said – “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching, and integrity is everything.”

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