5pm Brig PD update: Travel ban has been rescinded. BRIDGE OPEN.

Be prepared to show identification and proof of residency. Second home owners, your proof must match your identification.

There will be no “Checking on a friend’s house”, residents and homeowners ONLY.

Curfew remains in place from 6pm to 6am.

Click Brigantine PD Alerts for OFFICIAL Info

BE PREPARED TO WAIT, as all vehicles will be stopped and checked prior to entry on island.

Brigantine Un-Official FAQ’s…

  • Major delays getting near Brigantine
  • Take Rte 30.  AC Expressway is blocked at exit 5.
  • Delilah Road is blocked.
  • Brigantine power almost 100%
  • Bring water/food, cleaning supplies
  • Use camera/video to document property before clean up.

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5 thoughts on “BRIGANTINE BRIDGE OPEN… 5p update”

  1. My thoughts exactly. Thankfully my mother-in-law is on the proof of residency documents (tax bill) since my father-in-law is in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery… I called the Brigantine PD and they said your ID must match your proof of residency NO EXCEPTIONS – although she was very nice about it.

  2. I need to know as well when people who take care of a homeowners house (who lives in Detroit) will be allowed back into Brigantine.

  3. My Dad is technically the homeowner and we will be travelling from two different directions to get onto Brigantine. If he shows his proof of residency from his car and we are behind him in our car…. will they let us in as well. He is going to need help with the cleanup

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