Brigantine Builder Slams Democrat Business Plan

Local builder; Mike Snyder, doesn’t hide his feelings for the Brigantine Democrats. (SEE BELOW) Snyder pins ’empty storefront’ blame on DEMS biz dev policies.

Is Mike accurate? Does Mayor Phil (R) have an economic plan to fill those 40+ empty businesses?

Councilman elect; Vince Sera (R) says we should reduce competition in Brigantine so that a few hand-picked businesses can thrive.

Snyder is currently building a waterfront home next to THE FISH-FINDER Marina, one of Brig’s last remaining tourist attractions. He’s also patiently waiting for his non-compete with Cellar 32 to expire, in order to open the newly refurbished Steak 38 building. (Snyder built Cellar 32 Restaurant)

Facebook post from Brigantine builder & developer; Mike Snyder >>

I tried to create business under the Democratic led council and I have to tell you it fucking sucked…. no wonder this town has no new businesses. I opened the Cellar 32 under a Republican led council and it was a pleasure….. I was ready to sell everything and leave Brigantine if Phil was not our mayor.

I cannot wait to hear Vince speak at our council meetings and thank you so much Andy for all your hard work and putting up with all the shit you had to listen to. 

God Bless Brigantine. Now we can grow in a positive direction.

Mike Snyder


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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Builder Slams Democrat Business Plan”

  1. This is the guy that forgot he had a non compete with C32. A Brigantine insider who was ready to take his ball and go “elsewhere” if crony boy Mr. Lifetime Mayor Guenther wasn’t re-elected.
    Is it me or do most of these cronies act like spoiled little brats?
    Oh Mikey please don’t leave Brigantine, it really really needs you!
    I guess in Mikey’s world shit is truth and truth is shit.

    Is this the business persons mentality that Brigantine needs to boost tourism and revenues?
    Lets coin a new phrase on how insiders get a pleasure ride from Mother Brigantine…..”Brig Business”

    Mikey, if you are intelligent enough to put together a coherent explanation, I would like to hear why things fu-king sucked versus being a pleasure?

    1. Of course it was giddy. That’s before anyone knew that this jerk was building a restaurant even though he had a non-compete clause. Let’s see him spin that to blame the Dems.

  2. ComeHereNotFromHere

    Mr. Sera wants a few “hand picked” businesses to eliminate competition? Wow. All you marina/bait and tackle people, and pizza joint owners better pay attention! Hand picked by whom? More greasing palms? Thought Republicans were all about free and open competition and may the best win? Not “hand picked” business. Is this what is in store for Brigantine for the next 4 years? Shame.

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