Brigantine Business Taking Up Too Much Sidewalk? Simpson Facing Criticism.

No place to walk. Too much of the sidewalk is being used by local Brigantine business?

Sidewalk clutter not pedestrian-friendly in Brigantine.

Brigantine Councilman Andy Simpson facing criticism for not getting a handle on this awkward, potentially dangerous retail battle. Allegations include Simpson being called out for playing favorites with local business.

Second homeowners have also expressed frustration with how Councilman Simpson, and the current Brigantine administration, have handled property tax assessments.

Retailers Face Complaints for Blocking Sidewalk

Did you see the ad? From Brigantine Times, July 20, 2018. It reads:

A City Official informed Don Berkman at Surf Sundries that there was too much merchandise on the sidewalk. If it is not removed, he will be arrested.

He states, I will not go to court and will be arrested and go to jail of the issue.”

He will close the store this Fall and never reopen.

There will be a sign saying he is closed because of what Brigantine Officials have done to him.

He has been in business here since 1962.

Berkman, according to the ad he purchased in the Brigantine Times, will no longer support the BPD, BFD, or City in the future.

It’s still unknown why the publisher of the Brigantine Times ran the ad that diminishes the great work of Brigantine Public Safety.

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