Brigantine BUZZ 5.28.2014

Felt like a record breaking Memorial Day weekend here on Brigantine Beach. Lots of Sunshine and warm temps as we bounced back n forth between Brigantine and Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City. See the pics.

Love the new sign as you enter the island! Down went the stern warning about speeding…..and up went the warm welcome to Brigantine Beach….yes, we said Brigantine BEACH!

The newly rebuilt Steak 38 building has yet to announce plans and new name for summer 2014. Will it be a cross between Key West and Brigantine called “The Cove”? Potential legal snags have kept this property in limbo for a little while longer?

Welcome back L’Aragosta. After months of speculation and inaccurate information being spread, L’Aragosta Restaurant picked up their mercantile license last Monday. The Presta crew was up and running for the Memorial Day weekend. Packed house every night. Like they never missed a beat

Richman’s Ice Cream & Burger Bar shot out of the gate like a rocket with their grand opening weekend. Was it their fried Oreo’s that drew the huge crowds? It certainly helped! After this property sat for years as an unsightly and shuttered Steak and Shake, it’s great to see fresh new business blood on this island. Lord knows we need fresh ideas and a renewed business friendly vibe.

Bella Luna has now firmly established itself as the only place on Brigantine Beach for Authentic Mexican. Their 24 inch custom pizzas are a huge, cheesy hit too. 900 W. Brigantine Ave.

Local Officer Arrested. Brigantine residents discussed last week’s news that two area police officers were charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl: Brigantine police Officer Ralph Pereira and Atlantic City police Officer Andre Corbin. First seen in the Press of Atlantic City, this uncomfortable news was appropriately reported soon after by The Beachcomber Newspaper here in Brigantine, as well as BrigantineNOW. This major story has not yet been reported in The Brigantine Times. The Brigantine PBA #204 issued this statement:

In light of recent allegations against PBA Local #204 member Ralph Pereira, all members of Brigantine PBA Local #204 have full faith that the criminal justice system will take its course and the situation will be handled professionally and properly. Brigantine PBA Local #204 also recognizes that all accused are innocent until proven guilty and will closely watch the outcome of the investigation. Brigantine PBA Local #204 will have no further comment until the investigation is complete. Thank You.

A special Brigantine City Council meeting catered to concerns of PART-TIME residents on May 24, 2014. Topics of discussion: potential public employee overtime abuse, part-time resident voting rules, Brigantine Taxpayer inquiries, unions seemingly in conflict with Mayor about overtime authority.

Win Golf Foursome. Conveniently located close to the Casino’s and Boardwalk, the Links is a true gem, voted a “Must Play” in the Northeast by Golf Styles Magazine. Sign up now for the chance to win a complimentary foursome!

Potential executive property on Brigantine golf course, partially completed. Needs interior completion. Learn more. 

FOR SALE BY OWNER: exquisitely designed custom bay front home on over sized corner lot. This home is offered FULLY FURNISHED. Learn more. 

Need reliable info about part-time resident voting rights? Councilman DeLucry warned the Mayor about giving out legal advice in regards to voting. We suggest you read this page about NJ voting rights: Learn More

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