Brigantine Buzz for April 27, 2014

What buzzing along Brigantine Blvd? Brigantine BUZZ is a place to share late breaking chatter that’s making the rounds, but still flying under the mainstream media radar.

Congrats to some much needed, new retail blood on the Island. Hot Bagels & More has a new owner. Yianni’s of Ocean City promises a fresh new menu and other improvements. Hot Bagels & More will be closed for a few days this week (Tues-Fri) to make some changes & upgrades. Could they eventually be open for dinner?

Steak and Shake aka Dairy Queen has finally been purchased. After years of sitting /collecting dust, local scuttlebutt suggests poor & confusing representation of this premium property next to Aversa’s Bakery.

Some local marina owners concerned at rising number of illegal dock & slip rentals that are popping up around island, behind private properties.

Rod and Reel could be under contract. Buyer unknown at this time.

L’aragosta Restaurant  still sitting idle on the circle. It promises to be open soon, but no sign of re-opening preparation visible.

A local Brigantine Bar/Restaurant is angry at another up-n-coming Brigantine Bar/Restaurant. Threats of legal action?

Is the Seagull Motel for sale…or not? It was under agreement with a local Realtor, but for some reason, sales & marketing of Brigantine’s last motel is almost non-existent. Maybe it’s already sold? Did owner change her mind?

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Buzz for April 27, 2014”

  1. “A local Brigantine Bar/Restaurant is angry at another up-n-coming Brigantine Bar/Restaurant. Threats of legal action?” Please……………..

    Another Bar/Restaurant is EXACTLY what we need. A little competition is good! What is this bar/restaurant afraid of? Maybe his prices, food, quality? I think he is crazy, what legal action does he have? They can’t be the only restaurant on the island!!! We also need a good 24/7 diner!!!

    Rather than driving to AC it would be nice to stay on the island and enjoy a casual dinner. I really miss Steak 38, their selection was great. Upstairs you could eat more formal and downstairs in the bar you could be very casual…..the all you could eat crabs were fantastic and the mussels with angel hair pasta was the very best! I hope that the new owners pull this one off!

    Who ever is thinking of legal action is nuts! And if I find out who that is, I will never eat in their establishment again!!!!!

  2. on the surface it looks like someone’s mad about new competition – it’s a shame it probably is about some dirty underhand business dealings, but i guess it’s all how you look at from whom ever’s point of view. and sorry to say, if you wouldn’t patronize the one eatery, you wouldn’t have too many choices left to go to. bottom line, we need more businesses on the island. how about turning the vacant fast food building into a 24/7 diner…

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