Brigantine BUZZ Jan 19, 2015

Did builder/developer Mike Snyder transfer ownership of former Steak 38 to his partner in order to get it open for Summer 2015? We hope so. Cellar 32 still paying down note & non-compete still in effect with Snyder.

Karen Bew to be sworn in as temp 1st ward council person on JAN. 21. Bew may fight to keep that seat in NOV 2015 as another election will be held for that 1st ward position. The announcement was made by Rose Roberts, Brigantine municipal leader and ‘significant other’ of former city engineer; Matt Doran.

Bew has been a Brigantine resident since 1972. She’s a retired school teacher and is married to Gordon Bew, a retired captain of the Brigantine Fire Department. Ms. Bew is also the mother of Melissa Bew Knoff, a Brigantine school teacher. Karen Bew also has a son-in-law in the Brigantine Police Department. Bew served on the Brigantine Planning / Zoning Board for 21 years. Some consider this a turbulent time that saw accelerated over-development of our ‘mixed-use’, retail & waterfront properties, as well as the closing of many motels & marinas on the island. The lighthouse circle CVS was one of the bigger examples of questionable planning during that time.

La Aragosta to open this Summer? Some say no way. But ya never know.

Crab Shack still operating while they look for a buyer. Your choice: buy the business & equipment….or the lot & building…..or the whole shebang.

Still waiting on word from Brigantine School board member Steve Bonnani. As a ‘sending district’, Brigantine is hopefully looking for ways of cutting school costs and may find help from the new Atlantic City School Board President.

Brigantine beach committee decides to take the easy road and charge nothing to Veterans/vendors who want to sell ice cream on the beach. Opponents wonder why a very small fee wasn’t charged. This extra revenue could have been used to hire summer help. Speaking of beach vendors, look for additional floating food at the COVE. The Water Weenie may have competition.

City is keeping hush hush about plans for Golf Course. Most want Jaworski to manage this asset, while Mayor is considering the very controversial non-profit route that the Egg Harbor Township mayor is operating with their “Emerald Links”.

Lisa McClay & Brigantine Democrats are taking a more passive role as of late; letting expired contracts with Public Safety go unresolved for well over a year, and avoiding a no-brainer deal with Jaworski Golf. Brig DEMS also unsure of who they’ll pick for the first ward battle in NOV 2015. A soft & cuddly approach to campaigning will not work for the DEMS. Especially in the public union heavy; 1st ward. Gotta protect that place on the nipple. Will Democrats replace DEM president Jerry Szucs with someone with cahones?



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