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Today (Wed) JAN 21 at 4:30p, Karen Bew to be sworn in as temporary 1st ward councilperson. This will give Brig GOP the majority. At 5p, an executive session will be held. ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. Could we see City Manager; Jennifer Blumenthal, get replaced by City Engineer Ed Stinson by 6pm tonight?

City to jack up fees for vendors at Brigantine Farmers Market. Last year: $75 for the season. This year: $220 for the season.

City to extend LINKS GOLF deal with Meadowbrook management company for another 60 days. Will Mayor & Councilman Simpson try to take the LINKS non-profit? Or will they eventually agree to demands of local residents and do deal with Jaworski Golf?

Some abandoned / dangerous buildings on the island are one step closer to being demolished. Bids may go out soon for demolition crews.

A public auction may be authorized tonight in regards to the so-called ‘surplus property’ that the City of Brigantine owns. Does that includes the old civic center on 31st st? Maybe the old beach tag place next to La Samanna?

Local taxpayers getting ready to bombard city with tax appeals.

Lighthouse Circle property owned by builder; Mike Snyder, still sitting vacant. Will Councilman Simpson do deal to borrow $ in order to buy it from Snyder? Or will City ‘trade’ him for another piece of property? Should we keep that lot OPEN SPACE?

Local Realtors under pressure from sports organizations to reduce marketing & advertising expenses, and re-direct $ to local leagues. Brigantine Chamber of Commerce still re-aligning leadership as Realtor-heavy chamber tries to develop a 2015 Summer tourism plan. (without offending council majority)

VP of Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Joe ‘Moose’ Muscemeci decides to step down instead of battling with Realtor/competitors Dennis Allen, Angela Reynolds & Mike Brennan. Membership in the Chamber has declined over 25% in past 10 years.

Results from a recent Brigantine School Assessment have yet to be shared with the general public. Mayor Guenther still waiting for summary report from school superintendent Brian Pruitt.

City contracts with Brigantine Police & Fire have dragged on…for over 18 months. What’s the hold up? Does union rep / firefighter Tiger Platt want more time off and an even sweeter $ deal? With pension, overtime and healthcare being added to his $129,000 salary, Mr. Platt could make well over $170,000 according to former councilman Tony Pullella. An OPRA request would be the only way to get the exact number that Brigantine Taxpayers are on the hook for.


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1 thought on “Brigantine BUZZ > JAN 21”

  1. Thanks for the Updates
    How do we stop upward taxation and reduce spending
    Salaries for Municipal Workers are greater than In NYC
    cut the BUDGET
    we are especially disheartened since the part timers have no say in Government
    Business’ need to be proactive in Brigantine

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