Brigantine Buzz. May 3, 2014

Brigantine Welcomes Dollar Tree. Takes Over Former Reynolds Store. See it soon at the Harbor Beach Blvd shopping complex featuring TD Bank, Dunkin Donuts, Verizon & ACME.

The Seagull Motel is still for sale even though it’s virtually hidden from potential investors. Looks like you might need direct access to the South Jersey Regional MLS. (Real Estate listing service) to see the actual FOR SALE info. Sadly, Brigantine has many outstanding commercial properties sitting for years. Some are prime waterfront. Maybe placing small print ads in local papers is not enough? Why not market these properties to the outside world?

Why so much excellent property in Brigantine being tied up by certain Real Estate types? Poorly marketed, forgotten or virtually hidden. TIP: While there are many Real Estate investors & home buyers that live ON the island, there are MUCH more that live OFF the Island.

Congrats to Diane Settefratti, Angela Di Somma and Danielle Simoni…..our recent winners in the weekly ‘Dolphin Cruise Adventure’, courtesy of Atlantic City Cruises. Sign up for your chance to win 4 tickets here.

The vote to keep or remove the Brigantine Public Safety Director position is fast approaching. May 13 is the date when a handful of Brigantine taxpayers will cast their ballot to accomplish almost nothing. Many believe if the PSD position is eliminated, the city will try to offer the Chief job to someone in-house. Unfortunately, union solidarity could make it tough for the city manager to find someone in-house. Will anyone be willing to step out of line, accept the Chief offer, and potentially face the wrath of acting-chief Ray Cox and fellow officers? Brigantine City Councilman; Tony Pullella, has said longevity & seniority have merit but are not the only factors in appointing a chief. Look for the city manager to eventually hire from outside the force.

Could another liquor store open along Brigantine Blvd?

Congrats to Ruth Carrier. It seems like the minute her name was put on the ‘for sale’ sign at the Old Dairy queen, it was sold. What did Ruth do that other Real Estate agents didn’t do for years?

Lots of great retail space available in Brigantine. Interested in knowing more? We recommend that you call Barbara Smith. She’s a new sponsor of BrigantineNOW and she’s exactly what Brigantine needs: fresh blood & new ideas. Noticed all the NEW Realtors & builders popping up all over town? Seems like “those people” over the bridge are discovering the beauty & value of Brigantine. It’s time to finally boost those home valuations.

Nervous chatter has begun as Mayor Phil Guenther will face the feisty Lisa McClay in the upcoming November election. McClay is looking to pull an upset and take control of the Mayor’s seat. More importantly, might McClay want to put her mark on the local Brigantine school board? Yup. We think so.

City Council has yet to post meeting minutes in a timely fashion. It averages 12 weeks before the clerk posts an edited summary of a city council meeting. Full audio of each meeting exists and should be associated with official transcript/record that’s posted the very next day. You could fill out an OPRA request to get an audio copy, but the city clerk is swimming in non-stop OPRA requests.

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