Brigantine Chamber Appoints New President

The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce has finally appointed a new president. After many years of declining Chamber participation and lackluster business results, the Brigantine business community decided to shake things up and place local real estate agent; Mike Brennan at the helm. According to an interview in the Press of Atlantic City, Brennan plans to modernize the Chamber’s operation by purchasing its very first computer. No word yet on who’ll be the new VP of the Chamber, if and when the #2 in charge; Joe ‘Moose’ Musemeci steps down.

As BrigantineNOW reported earlier this week, and now confirmed by the Press of AC, the new Brigantine Chamber website was infected with a possible virus on Wednesday. Last year, the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce site was taken offline for over 3 months due to lack of payment to their web hosting company. According to documents reviewed, the Chamber was over 2 years behind in paying Internet & web hosting bills. A 2012 review of the Brigantine Chamber’s financial report can be found here.

A print ad targeting the Philadelphia market was launched this week with a full-page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This once great Newspaper has struggled recently with declining circulation, union battles and an aging readership.

Brennan told the Press of AC that the real estate business was off about 16 percent this year. But, there are signs of recovery.

Read Full Story from Wallace McKelvey in PRESS of AC

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Chamber Appoints New President”

  1. Your comments are not true. I have been using my personal computer to do Chamber work FROM HOME since 2004..I have kept up with emails and tourism information and mailings through my own personal email and computer FROM HOME. I also have done the Brigantine Directory white pages FROM HOME.
    They have purchased a laptop.


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