Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Makeover

The Brigantine Chamber of Commerce is in desperate need of a makeover. This can potentially happen on Friday night if some creepy shenanigans aren’t allowed to happen. The Brigantine Chamber membership will have something called an “Installation Dinner” this Friday, FEB 1.

That’s secret code for:

We’re going to quickly & quietly VOTE for Chamber President & VP positions. We’re gonna do it in January, when many of our members are on vacation and won’t be able to attend.

Brigantine Chamber of Commerce
How Do Ya Screw Up a Block Party?

Most members will get to vote for new Brigantine Chamber of Commerce leaders. When I say “most”, I mean that some sort of goofy rules will apply to this vote, in order to give the current leadership a fighting chance to win.

Can you see why Brigantine business is in the dumper?

Members must be attendance to vote. What the heck is the matter with mailing in your vote?

Whispers up and down Brigantine Blvd suggest that most Chamber members will want to vote & “install” a new President and Vice-President that night….but will be thwarted by some super secret rules set by……you guessed it….the current leadership.

The Summer of 2013 is incredibly important, not just for local business…but for residential property values as well. Brigantine Chamber of Commerce decisions have a direct effect on our real estate sales and rental marketplace, as well as the overall economy of Brigantine. Some say that this Chamber election is almost as important as the City Council elections. We agree.

That’s why we respectfully recommend a refreshed line-up of Chamber leaders that are forward-thinking and entrepreneurial.

We need new leadership at the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce.

Brigantine Beach Chamber of Commerce Joe Moose Musemeci
Mountain of Melon

Quite frankly, we’ll take anybody…as long as they’re different. As many know, some of the current leadership has been “out to lunch” for many years. We mean that literally and figuratively.

Whether it’s a last minute cancellation of a ‘Block Party’, a dead Brigantine Chamber of Commerce website, or lack of marketing to the outside world, Brigantine can’t afford to have a weak Summer of 2013. Casino Night and Chamber scholarship programs are nice, but really won’t help the overall economy of Brigantine Beach.

BrigantineNOW is gonna put our money where our mouth is.

If the Chamber members vote in a brand new President & VP, we’ll immediately join. We”ll also throw in a no-charge promotional campaign on to help them boost membership.

Acknowledging that Internet marketing is critical to Brigantine tourism should be mandatory for every chamber leader.

The installation event will be this Friday, Feb. 1 at the Brigantine Golf Links, 1075 North Shore Dr., Brigantine. You must be present to vote, but you’re not obligated to purchase a dinner. Cocktail hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by a dinner buffet at 6:30 p.m.



  • $20 for members and their guests
  • $25 for non-members

RSVP by calling:

  • Betty Diaz at (609) 226-3254
  • Mr. Excitement; Emmett Turner at (609) 266-2486

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1 thought on “Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Makeover”

  1. Every Chamber of Commerce along the shore needs to focus on communication that the shore isn’t washed out, and to get people into the towns this summer and earlier and have a long healthy season.
    Positive communication of the shore rebuilding, the jersey shore doing this and that, Re-openings, upcoming summer is going to be great! We’re back baby!

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