Brigantine CITIZEN REPORTS…11am NOV 1

brigantine hurricane sandy reportFrom Brigantine CITIZEN REPORTER.. Helen Monteferrante-Fortino ….11am Nov. 1

….To the crew at BrigantineNOW website…..First, let me thank you for your time and effort regarding posts, info, pix etc., You are aces in my book. My husband is a physician & Lt Colonel at the 177th Fire Fighter Medical Division in Egg Harbor, NJ.
Today he tried to enter island to provide medical attention if needed. However, the delay to the check point on expressway is backed up for at least four hours.
It was recommended that he anticipate a five hour delay for entry, once roads are available to the public. They suggest residents leave pets and children at home or with family members when possible.
Bring water/food, cleaning supplies, trash bags,trash cans, brooms, and finally camera and video to document their properties before clean up.
This is not official, however I consider the source to be responsible and accurate. Hope this is helpful.. again thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine CITIZEN REPORTS…11am NOV 1”

  1. Just received a report from a friend who let me know that the expressway officials are no longer holding up vehicles but allowing them to drive on through to the Atlantic City area.
    However a sheriff at the entrance to Brigantine bridge is being very discriminating who or whom he will allow on the island. It appears the ban to the island is still in effect

  2. a brigantine resident

    I been off the Island I went to work on Sunday and was not permitted to enter Island when I finished work..I been living in my work clothes ever since. I live at Spartan Harbor and I know there is no water damage where I live but I still get turned away..I seen a out of town pick up truck have access to’s a disgrace I can get to my apt. I have to sleep in my car now…when WILL THE BRIDGE BE OPEN..I lived on the island for 50yrs…

    1. we could be back id the city employees actually were working on the problem rather than preparing for a presidential photo-op

  3. Frusterated Brigantine Resident

    I was able to get into Atlantic City today via the Expressway at 8:30am this morning. The state troopers did not stop me at the checkpoint. However, once I got over the bridge to Brigantine, I was made to turn around. However, the truck in front of me was allowed to enter and they had out of state license plates. I live on the south end and I know we have power and our street is fine. I came back to work in clothes that I’ve been wearing for 3 days only to find out that friends of co-workers were able to get on the island. Either let us all on or don’t let anyone on! It’s not fair!

  4. Has anyone contacted Fox News or any of the TV outlets to have them report on the issues facing us residents who are being denied access? I think this would probably end a lot of this nonsense.

  5. Planning to bring my parents tomorrow. Is AC expressway open all the way in or should we take route 9? Also, any news of conditions on North 11th street?

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