Reader Feedback; Sandy Info Lacking from Brigantine Government

From Fred Fabel to the editor:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our local Brigantine government seemed to compound the discomfort of the population. A large percentage of taxpayers abided by the decree to evacuate and are suffering for their adherence. We’ve been down this road before and all of our expectations were met with one added quirk. Trying to get information is like pulling the info from between the dragon’s teeth.

Reach in at mortal risk.

I’ve heard as well as experienced this after effect. It’s called public service. Yes, I’m being kind using the term ‘public service’. I’m freezing off the island with no power or heat. When I call, I’m put on hold for seven minutes and then disconnected. Public service? I think not.

Another call was picked up and then hung up. Again public service? Again, I think not. Someone answered the phone only to tell me to go online to Brigantine Police. I’m in a powerless situation with no heat and most assuredly no computer. Well, well-paid public servants, what now?

Why should public information be so difficult to obtain? I and the multitude of taxpayers want to know.

Fred Fabel

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