Brigantine City Council Under Financial Microscope

Brigantine is getting some extra scrutiny in the financial department recently. WALLACE McKELVEY from the Press Of Atlantic City posted another recap of what our fair island is dealing with, economically speaking. Here’s our take on his story: what Brigantine taxpayers need to know:

Brigantine lost $144 million in property value. It must borrow another $1.4 million.

Pick your poison: Brigantiners could get whacked by 6-cent tax hike….OR….council & the city manager will start chopping jobs and/or services.

OOPS…From the ‘we forgot to save for a rainy day file’… Brigantine’s Magnificent 7 +1 recently approved a so-called ’emergency appropriation’ (aka TAX, aka LEVY, aka FORCED DONATION) of $600K to cover payouts for city employee retirements.

Brigantiners will dig deeper into their pockets (additional $375K) to foot the bill for city health insurance costs. What !? Can’t we consider using OBAMACARE to handle this? Chill out..that’s just a joke. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. 

Our well hidden, city-owned golf course should enjoy a hefty loss of $547K. Brigantine has the GREAT BEACHES..and a potentially AWESOME Golf Course. Past & current council members stink at leveraging these unique assets…to grow new revenue and lower taxes.

All this financial doom & gloom might explain why City Council decided to save 13 cents last Wednesday night, and NOT broadcast the video feed of their regular town meeting at City Hall. Either that, or they really don’t want 99% of taxpayers to see them in action. Many on City Council yearn for the good ole days when dog parks & ice cream on the beach….were the big battles in Brigantine.

Ooh…and one more thing. Ya think that “Petition” issue is dead? I dunno. You tell me. Other than all that…everything is totally cool on this Island we love for life.

Read full story in Press of Atlantic City

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