Brigantine City Council Looks To Hide Controversial Dune Maintenance Activity

Public Comment from the Brigantine City Council meeting of 2/6/19.

Introduction of ordinance #2 of 2019

Amending Brigantine Dune Maintenance Ordinance

Brigantine Taxpayers Association President, Anne Phillips:

I have two problems with the dune maintenance ordinance. 

#1.  It exists which it should not. The granting by the City of the physical alteration of dunes, which are public property and contiguous to private land, by the owners of that private property for their convenience and wishes, irrespective of any public interest or purpose or any consistent public program of dune protection and management, shouldn’t be taking place.

#2 The original ordinance places responsibility and accountability for such private-interest alteration on individual council members. If a private property owner is given an advantage over someone else’s private property by changes in public property, for instance changes enhancing or increasing an ocean view, the public and neighbors have a right to know who voted for it. It’s called transparency.

Transferring accountability to the municipal engineer or his/her designee is very convenient for a council member. It can also look suspicious. If these alterations to public property are to be unwisely permitted, council members should not be shy and duck their roles in advancing this program. It also means checking each application before voting. 

Avoiding and removing that vote is a good example of buck-passing.

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