WATCH VIDEO : Brigantine City Council Meeting. FEB 5.

The Brigantine City Council meeting from Feb 5. Click thru to watch. Featured in VIDEO #1 : Councilman DeLucry’s defense of potty and smoking breaks during council meetings. Unfortunately, Mr. DeLucry did not read the petition as of this past Wednesday night, but does discuss many items related to the certified Brigantine citizens petition to remove the position of Public Safety Director. Download Brigantine City Council Agenda FEB 5, 2014 here.

In video #2 : Councilman Tony Pullella continues his quest for streamlining control of Brigantine operations with the removal of Police, Fire & Beach Chief positions. Arguably the most powerful person on council, Mr. Pullella is a well known local builder, Real Estate speculator, and former Laguna Grill bar/restaurant owner. Together with co-councilmen; Dr. Frank Kern & Attorney Rick Delucry at his side, the Pullella powerplay is on the move.

At the end of the meeting ( see video #2 ), an interesting ‘on the record’ comment was made by Councilman Joe Piccardi, announcing that a Mr. Burlington was not his friend, but indeed was his husband. It’s not apparent what prompted the honorable Mr. Piccardi to make this announcement as Council was wrapping up, but we certainly want to congratulate him & Mr. Burlington. We wish them the best.

Watch all the action …. right here on BrigantineNOW. ( see below ) Download Brigantine Bills to be Paid here.  Click to Download Brigantine City Council Agenda FEB 5, 2014 here. 

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2 thoughts on “WATCH VIDEO : Brigantine City Council Meeting. FEB 5.”

  1. May God Bless our city manager, each and every member of our city council, and our taxpayers, as we lay aside all obstacles and partisanships which separate us.Tough times call for tough decisions. Let’s join forces together to create a safe, reasonable, cost effective budget. Let’s implement thoughtful and creative solutions, which raise revenue without raising taxes, so that we can live under our budget, not over it. Thank you ! mare yorke

  2. “It is time for downsizing”, yes.. yes.. “to save taxpayers money”, yes.. yes.. they say!
    Are the residents of Brigantine content with not being allowed to vote for 3 of the 7 elected officials who are on our City Council, who make such important decisions for our entire community from the Brigantine Bridge to the shores of the North end? Why, does the island of Brigantine need 7 paid elected officials costing $70,000/yr in such “financially budget breaking times”. Other larger Atlantic County municipalities have just 5 elected officials, who I’m sure succesfully make the same important dicisions for their constituents.
    Will each of our elected council members dare to look into the mirror during the upcoming budget process to dissolve 2 of their $10,000./yr seats and salaries, for the island you”ll love for life, saving Taxpayers $20,000./yr for “ever and ever Amen”.
    Due the math, two council meetings/month = avg.$416. paid to each council person, each meeting. How much is it costing us to sit in the public each meeting. (7 x $416.) Whoa! It has already been stated by a city council member at the meetings that their job is “part time”.
    Let’s make taxpayer dollar dicisions with good faith, even if it means your own wallet no longer draws from the city wells that are being replaced due to the storm. Creative savings from everywhere can prevent the burden from falling on any one Dept. or expenditure.

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