Brigantine City Council Meeting. June 4, 2014

Brigantine City Council Meeting. Along with the usual agenda items (download here), we expect public comments to feature some of the following topics:

  • The need for more transparency in spending taxpayer dollars and OPRA activity.
  • Will Mayor clarify past statements in regards to part-time resident voting issues?
  • Unfunded taxpayer liability for public employee retirement
  • Does Brigantine Triathlon operate at profit or loss for city? Who runs that popular annual event?
  • Too common for Brigantine public employees to threaten litigation?
  • Brigantine Fire Department Overtime authorization procedure. Will investigation proceed?
  • Status of Fire Department contracts. Sticking points and potential arbitration. See current Brigantine Firefighters contract here
  • Brigantine FD captain & Union chief Tige Platt ‘feels safe’ with the volunteer firefighters where he lives in Absecon, but feels part-time firefighters will be bad idea for Brigantine. (According to statement he made at recent city council meeting)


According to MAY 9, 2014 ad placed in the Beachcomber News: 25 Brigantine Fire Dept. employees make over $100,000. The following Brigantine public union employees were noted as top earners:

  • Weidner    $142, 208
  • Bordanaro    $138,796
  • Platt    $136,639
  • Maguire   $133,998
  • Reed, P   $120, 959
  • Baldwin   $119,322
  • Solari   $118,865
  • Frugoli, P  $113,441
  • Sooy   $108,982

Brigantine Taxpayers Association Statement.

WATCH VIDEO:  Brigantine Fire Department captains discuss part-time firefighters:

Councilman Pullella Statement

WATCH VIDEO: Mayor of Brigantine corrected by Councilmen DeLucry & Kern: un-funded liability

WATCH VIDEO: Investigation request:  Overtime Issues

WATCH VIDEO: Part-timer Voting Issues

WATCH VIDEO: Brigantine Union Rep; Platt. Story smacked down by City Manager

WATCH VIDEO: Who Approves Overtime?

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