Brigantine City Council Meeting. Oct 15, 2014. WATCH VIDEO >>

Brigantine City Council. Oct 15, 2014 at 6pm. WATCH Video Clips online, here at

Hot topics and agenda items include: public hearing on adoption of a Flood Damage Prevention ordinance. You can download and review the Brigantine City Council agenda here.

Other topics for public commenting:

  • ‘Links’ proposals from Billy Casper Golf & Ron Jaworski Golf
  • Website problems, mis-management, security breaches, potential ethics violations
  • Past meeting minutes not available online. AP 2, 2014 are the last ones avail.
  • 2013 Municipal audit not available online
  • Bulkhead safety and compliance
  • Non-profit compliance (ex: cancellation of Jet Ski Weekend)
  • Lack of demand for retail space. Recent closing of Root Beer Barrel, Cool Cones, 9th Street CVS will add to over 35 empty retail properties in Brigantine.
  • Code of ethics for City employees
  • How to increase financial support for Brigantine sports organizations

Click here to watch Brigantine City Council LIVE…… from Oct 15, 2014

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine City Council Meeting. Oct 15, 2014. WATCH VIDEO >>”

  1. I attended the council meeting tonight and was appalled by the comments made by Mr. Marcozzi attacking Mr. Simpson. Accusing him of failing to pay taxes on his once developed Sunset Property. It was obviously a scripted statement prepared for him . He refused to stand down, but Mr.Simpson kept composure and produced a receipt for 3.05 for any balance that was due.on any of his properties.

  2. As editor/webmaster of Brigantine Now, I find you disingenuous in your postings of late. If you look closely at the video, not one of the Democratic Council members looked up from their paper shuffling the entire time he spoke. Not even our, ” Never Lost for Words ” Councilman uttered a word. It looked very much like they knew what was coming. Another oddity was the audience on the grooms side of the isle as I like to refer to it had a few Democratic supporters as well as members of the Taxpayers Assn. , all but Mr. Marrcozzi left the meeting abruptly as he stood up and walked to the microphone.

    It’s a shame that more homeowners don’t make an effort to attend at least a couple Council Meetings a year to see for themselves what’s really going on in this city.

  3. amazing, another partisan stooge is “appalled” by a taxpayer questioning the cozy status quo of a small town fiefdom,(..and, he refused to stand down ! how appalling, no bullying here, ha) whereas a 22 yr mayor sez he’s dumbfounded by the “lack of checks & balances” of the local FD’s overtime slips.. yet led the charge to dismiss an ‘outsider’ psd who would be the person who would oversee those cks & balances… oh, the irony

    btw, every election season all the partisan stooges are appalled, offended & outraged by their opponent’s accusations. The informed electorate will decide, hopefully, based on the fiscal management of the city’s past & future….and if not, lets all move to Florida with all the other retired NJ public retirees ! (no tax on pensions !)

  4. Sam, What have you said or done to change things. You run off at mouth, but you haven’t a clue.
    This is second time you have attacked me through your posts .You have categorized me and called me a Partisan Stooge and a NJ pensioner. First of all, I have been a Brigantine homeowner and taxpayer for 44years. In those years I’ve paid taxes and sewer / water bills on a home that I used 4 months out of the year and only weekends at that.After retiring in 2006 I have made Brigantine my full time residence. I am well aware of who the Business Minded and Trustworthy Canidates are.
    I am also not part of any NJ retirement system as you have alluded to. I have never worked in the State of New Jersey. I don’t work for the city, Mr. Gunther, or Mr. Simpson and Mr. Sera is younger than my three children. I have not profited from living here.
    I have been for the last 45 years and still am a registered DEMOCRAT. . I recognize incompetence, the use of deceptive political ads and a letter writing campaigns by you and other so called stooges ( your words) when I see it and for that reason I will be supporting, and voting REPUBLICAN! I can only hope that others will see through the smoke and mirrors and do the same.

    1. What have you done Paul to help corral the spiraling tax increases that have plagued our island over the last dozen years? You’ve attended council meetings shaking your head & behaving like a sheep to the long time RINO machine that has kicked the can down the road and rewarded their supporters with sweetheart deals. you haven’t made one single point to why you support them. Unsustainable 20% raises to public unions, unfunded pension liabilities, golf course fiasco? you are not only a stooge, but a blind one, too. grow up and see the obvious fiscal mismanagement that has gone on long before the democrats took majority.

  5. Paul
    hypothetical question? given your 45 years experience in Brigantine and your ability to see through smoke and mirrors

    what would you say to a resident who doesn’t yet know who to vote for, one that doesn’t attend council meetings, one that doesn’t know any of those running personally, one that has difficulty seeing through smoke and mirrors with the question……… WHY SHOULD I VOTE REPUBLICAN?

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